Enjoyed a quiet lunch of unagi sushi roll (^_^) and cold green tea by myself at the Sky Park of Vivocity today.

I’ve heard about this lovely feature since Vivocity opened but it wasn’t until last week that I walked past for the first time and saw for myself how the place really looked like. It seemed like a nice quiet place, compared to the hustle and bustle of the shopping mall itself, where one could just sit around and just relax or chat with friends while enjoying the scenery. I could eat lunch with my colleagues but they like to go for lunch at 12 noon when I am barely hungry. I’m usually not hungry until 1pm and I don’t like to eat when I don’t feel the hunger pangs, unless it’s junk food of course. Some people live to eat but I’m more of the eat-to-live type. Moreover, I’m not in the mood to make small talk lately. In fact, I feel tired when I’ve to talk unneccesary, even though with close friends and family, I’m constantly yakking away most of the time haha. 

Anyway I thought today would be an ideal time to have my lunch there since the rest of the week looks relatively busier. I know that the place looks cool with the wading pool right by my feet and the beautiful view of the cable cars and everything else far faraway, but in reality, this afternoon was a bloody hot day. I might be in the shade (yes I was sitting on the ground and hence the angle from which I took the photos) but the sun was so scorching hot that one could easily feel the burning heat as long as one was outdoor this afternoon! People would have thought that I must be out of my mind (and so were a few others sitting on benches on the other side) but well, they would be correct anyway haha.

cute Caucasian kids

You know, Singaporeans hate our hot and humid weather, detest the scorching sun, loathe the scalding heat (I’m quite one of them actually), but Caucasians LOVE our stupid weather to bits!!!~ Everywhere you go, especially at the beaches, by the pool or Sentosa, you find angmohs in shades and caps actually enjoying themselves under the hot sun! Letting themselves be exposed to all that UV rays that zap their skin cells to smoke and increase their risk of skin cancer! (-.-) I suspect all that UV radiation has somehow penetrated their craniums and burnt some of their brain cells.