Bought something really 屌 last week:

Oh yes, it’s a small beetle in a cool metallic dark blue hue (though you can’t really see that in the photos) encased in, well I don’t know, probably some kind of polymer that solidifies to form a clear transparent tough plastic-like prison for the poor dead beetle. The idea resembles the use of amber as a fossil resin to hold small insects since ancient times. Except that amber is in a deep yellow color that spells antiquity with a capital A.

It’s cool right? And the band for the ring is actually colorfully weaved together. Very cheery indeed. It also comes with ants, big red ants, instead of cute little beetles, but I hate ants (-.-). I mean, who on earth will buy an ant to put on their fingers when they can have beetles, right? Don’t you agree??    

I love specimens like this haha. I actually have 2 keychains similar to this ring, which I think I bought from the Singapore Science Centre when I was in primary school during a school excursion. The keychains are much bigger, so of course the beetles are huge haha. I treasure these so much that I’ve never bear to use them because I’m afraid that a knock might chip it.

I also remember when I was young and my mum would bring us to visit the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom whenever we went Sentosa because she loves butterflies (which I’ve a gut-wrenching phobia for (T        T) ). I would always try to swiftly run through the park where live scary butteflies in all shapes, sizes and colors fly around freely (eww that spells HELL for me) and run indoor where there’s the museum of specimens of insects of all kinds. (^_^) I don’t know why but I truly enjoy seeing dead bodies of the insects all dried and nicely preserved pinned onto the boards. I seem to find a tranquility in that haha. It might be because I know that these won’t move and can’t scare me in anyway by jumping onto my face suddenly. In this way, I could look super close and examine them carefully. And despite popular belief that insects are ugly and disgusting creatures, most insects come in absolutely brilliant colors, definitely a pretty sight most of the time. (^_^)

Or I might like specimens because I’m just a plain sadist.