haha here’s my salamander post as promised!

It started off when two of my colleagues at the lab asked me if I knew what salamanders are.


Clerk A: Do you know what are salamanders?

Me: *bewildered at such a question being posed* Yes, of course.

Clerk A: *eagerly* Salamanders eat humans ah??

Me: *what the hell!!!* Hmm nope, but they are quite ferocious.

** Clerk A and Girl B started explaning how they saw this piece of news/documentary on TV during lunch just now about how a salamander bit off a man’s hand. **

Clerk A: So what are salamanders actually??

Me: Salamanders are, hmm *mentally gathered my facts from the past Biodiversity module LSM1103* oh yah, AMPHIBIANS! They look quite like lizards but they are not reptiles. They are amphibians and very primitive animals. *blabbered about neoteny for a while but soon realised that not everyone is interested in zoology*  

Everyone: *in unison* OHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Clerk A: So have you eaten one before?

Me: (O_O) Hmm nope, don’t think you can find it in Singapore but *suddenly remembering a documentary* I know other countries like Taiwan breed them especially for food, so yup, it’s edible. 

Girl B: (to Clerk A) Google and see how it looks like leh.

** Clerk A started Googling for images of salamanders enthusiastically. They saw how salamanders really looked like and started eeek-ing like nobody’s business. **

Well, afterall a giant salamander does look like this.

Girl B: *reading the website seriously* Wah it says the salamander will attack if provoked. So ugly, if I see it, I’ll definitely run away.

Me: (T          T) Hmm don’t worry, I think you’ll never see it in Singapore.

Clerk A: Oh they can live both in water and on land.

Me: (T                          T) Ya, they are AMPHIBIANS.

Auntie C: (just joining the conversation) So what are salamanders exactly?

Girl B: It’s a fish.

Me: (T                                              T)



Didn’t I say that salamanders are AMPHIBIANS?!

And hmm, since when do fish have four legs??

The poor often-mistaken (fire) salamander