Last Saturday, we three yogis decided to go for an impromptu night out. Pardon us, but that’s what can get to you after you spend the morning with your head on your knee/between your legs or legs 45 degrees off the ground or legs over your head – basically in tormented contortion for over an hour. Yo, just kidding lah! Yoga’s so fun and healthy that we are totally addicted haha, even if it means that our backs might hurt the very next day. (o_O)

Anyway we agreed on Thumper initially but an hour before I was supposed to set out from home, I remembered to check its website, only to find that Thumper was hosting the Contenders Asia finals after-party that night. We couldn’t decide immediately on an alternative location to go to, so we met for dinner as planned and discussed over the meal.

“All dressed up you’re good to go”

“Checkin your style from head to toe”

“Hooked up and natural”

“You’re feelin beautiful”


“Fly By” by Blue haha, but yes, I was indeed good to go!

And off we went to Powerhouse at my recommendation (lol must claim the credit for the fun night out). We are all completely sick of MoS by now and yes, even Smoove. The music sucks (-.-). Hip-hop might be the only genre which I can groove to but even I can’t stand Smoove haha. I know that Powerhouse only plays hip-hop and R&B, so I was absolutely glad to check it out with my girls.    

Yo, yo, yo, it’s POWERHOUSE, man! (no such queue that night though haha) 

Three fun girls can still mean a fun night out, even if it’s just the THREE of us 😛

“You’re way too beautiful, girl.’

And my bestest brutha!

Let’s check out the place, man! This club boasts a total area of 10,000 square feet, a five-storey high ceiling and is the largest outlet at St James Power Station. Totally don’t understand the significance of the high ceiling haha. Maybe better ventilation or less scary for claustrophobic people?? Putting this aside, the place rocks! The first thing you’ll notice when you step into the club that can more or less determine whether you’ll have an enjoyable time there is definitely, *drumroll* the music! The music which the DJ spinned that night was fantastic! And may I say, way better than Smoove haha. The theme for Saturday nights is SUPAFLY and it IS super fly!!!~ It was a delightful mix of hip-hop, R&B and popular anthems like QUEEN’s “We will rock you”. Needless to say, everyone was super HIGH!!!~

The layout of the dance floor is a tad too weird though. I appreciate when the dance floor is just one big area rather than in some unusual L/T/whatever shape. But I think there isn’t much to complain because there’s still ample space to shake your booty. 🙂 Besides the music is too good to find fault with anything else.

And the entry fee is damn cheap lah! $15 for 2 drinks! Where on earth can you get such a good deal? The bar area is also damn big. Which is awesome especially when you don’t have tables and have to stand around while waiting for the dance floor to get heated up so that you can get down to some action too. When it’s really crowded, standing around means getting knocked and bumped by others all the time. Which, to spell it out, ain’t fun at all. We managed to get seats around the bar counter though, so we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, drinking and chatting.  

We actually had so much fun that it wasn’t until 430am that we made our way home!  

When everyone was in REM stage dreaming about this and that, I was far from mine.


Will we go to Powerhouse again?

Well, rest assured that we definitely will! It’s cool that we’ve a brand new place to hang out. 🙂