Ohhhh what a busy day it has been today!

I’m not really complaining because time tends to fly by when one’s busy and that’s a good thing haha.

I’m only worried about this blog because I haven’t been updating properly for more than a week (-.-).

I’m going home soon and once I reach home, maybe have dinner, perhaps watch the 7pm Korean drama series, I’ll blog! I wanted to promise so, but I don’t really like to make promises unless I’m 100% sure that I can keep it. Promises are not made to be broken!!

If I do blog later, and I honestly hope so, I can promise an exasperating conversation involving salamanders (gosh read up first if you’ve no freaking idea what these creatures are!~), my Saturday night out and maybe some update on my family affairs. 🙂 

Dope, time to go home!!!~