I know that I’ve not posted anything decent for the past few days, so it must have really boring you guys. (-.-)

Sorry about that but I really have a tremendous amount of work (plus a workshop on Monday) to do this week. In fact, I ended work late on two nights this week, which is remarkably unbelievable haha. I still have quite a bit of work to clear today before the weekends hit and hopefully, lots of fun accompanying, so I doubt I’ll be able to write anything interesting today.

But honestly this week has just been crazy, especially the past 2 days, and I had the “luck” to speak to several totally insane people who doubtlessly left an incredibly deep impression on me. These people should really find help before they drive everyone around them as crazy as they already are (-.-). There was a case where the fellow was so fucking crazy that it was almost hilarious.

I wish that I can elaborate but I really need to get my eyes off this computer and my butt off my comfortable armchair, and get to the unit where I need to start calling up people frantically because it’s going to take me hours again, and there goes my day again. Furthermore, there’s always this chance and fear of calling up people who have one or two or even many screws loose in their heads. Oh well, screw everything anyway. It’s a Friday and nothing can spoil that. 🙂

Have a good day, yo, people!