Nothing important really but before I forget, which may be the next minute, here’s my brand new pair of iPANEMA slippers from Check Footwear (AMK Hub, level 3).

Nice? They are bronze in colour with a diamante on each side of the brand logo! I like my bling bling, so if I can have bling in something as basic as my slippers, haha why not?

And this pair was ridiculously cheap at only S$23.90! Probably because it is of a very small size that could hardly be sold out haha. If you’ve very small feet (size 3-5), you can check out, hmm, no pun intended, Check Footwear because the very few pairs in very small sizes are going at much cheaper prices.

I think we all need a pair of slip-proof footwear these days because of the dreadful weather that has been going on. For example, it was super bright, sunny, scorching hot and humid an hour ago, now it’s pouring cats and dogs. (-.-) If there’s anything more temperamental than a woman, my best guess will be the totally unpredictable weather. You’ll never know when it’s going to be wet and slippery, so you should always wear a sturdy pair of footwear with intact soles that aren’t worn out.