A good friend gave me a cool souvenir she bought during her Bangkok business trip.

Honestly! It’s simply what I want at the moment!

Aromatherapy incense!!!~

Ain’t it pretty??

A small green ceramic elephant figurine to stick the incense stick into, so that the ashes can drop neatly into the small dent at the elephant’s belly! Cute!  


4 different fragrances: lavender, ocean, moke and tulip 🙂


Lastly, a small ceramic pot (with tiny lovely red flowers) of scented candle!  


Awww beauutifuuuul! Albeit reluctant to use them though or even to open the plastic packaging haha, because it looks so lovely as a set. Can’t bear to spoil the beauty. Anyway I think it’s wasteful to use them at home haha because I can’t find a time when I’m alone at home to relax. Anyway my sis and dad have terribly sensitive sense of smell (like dogs, really) and can’t stand any fragrance at all, including my perfumes. (-.-) They’ll jolly well kill me, or *gasp* use the lighter on me, should I attempt to light the incense and fill the entire apartment with the aroma.

Instead, I can imagine myself all alone in a nice quiet hotel room, sitting on an armchair by the window, looking out at the scenic surroundings with a good book in one hand and a glass of white wine in the other. Darn, that’ll be the perfect time to light some incense at a corner of the room!

Just a dream, but I’ve the rights to do so. 🙂