If you’ve a copy of today’s Straits Times, you should check out the last page, which is The Bag Page, of URBAN.

The man featured here is China’s, and I think I can safely say, Asia’s top male model of the moment, 24-year-old Jerry Fu (傅正刚).

The 1.87m, 70kg model with to-die-for cheekbones is here on a job in Singapore for the Singapore Fashion Festival 2008.

I don’t necessarily find all models beautiful because to be truthful, the beauty of models is not always clearly visible to normal people like me haha. People who don’t look very attractive in person may be totally stunning in photographs after the appropriate make-up and hairstyling has been done, with the right clothes and the right look/attitude portrayed during the photo shoot. For example, I think Kate Moss looks just like the drug addict that her ex, Pete Doherty, is, but hey, she’s like one of the top models in the world. It’s very hard for someone who has nothing to do with the fashion industry, except reading fashion magazines, to put a finger to the “model” beauty desired by all the fashionistas, but after watching a few seasons of “America’s Next Top Model”, well, I do get the rough idea haha.  

While Jerry Fu might not fit my typical idea of a hunk, I will definitely give a Jerry Fu-lookalike a second look if I spot him on the streets because he’s got this exotic Asian look (don’t know why it would be considered exotic to me though because hey I’m Asian too the last time I look in the mirror) and I’m a sucker for nice cheekbones and sharp noses. After all, it’s hard to miss a 1.87m frame. After looking through some photos on his blog, I must say that he’s a darn outstanding model.   

Both are with courtesy from his blog (ok I admit that I like monochromatic looks) and you must agree that you like his feel (whatever that is to you but people in the fashion industry seem to like to use this term often), right. But what I like more is how down-to-earth and laidback he’s, despite being the hot shot whom he really is. If you read his feature in the URBAN, you’ll get what I mean. It’s after all what drew me to write this entry in the first place. This guy has, get this, no branded stuff (unless you count Ray Ban) in his bag. And gosh, even his bag is no Prada or LV. For someone as famous as he is, who earns as much as he does, and damn he’s a model, don’t they all strut around carrying the latest IT bag, and deck from top to toe in branded goods enough to feed all the starving stick-thin children in Ethiopia??!! 

Haha sounds like a stereotype but don’t we mostly feel it this way. Looks like there are some white sheep in the family after all.

This dude is cool.