Are you a poupee girl yet?

Nope? Well, you ought to be if you are interested in fashion or simply shopping. In fact, shopping as a poupee girl doesn’t even require any money and yet you get to “buy” the latest chic items to “wear”.

Sounds interesting? Well, after reading about poupee girl from someone else’s blog, I tried and I’m a bit hooked!

Come on, everyone, let’s check out my latest obsession: 

The idea is super simple. Girls, remember the paper dolls which we used to play as children? Those which came with paper clothes which we could hang from the shoulders of the doll so that it would look like the doll was wearing the dress and we could keep changing the clothes? Well, this is similar except that of course we no longer use cardboard and paper. Everything’s online these days and so is doll dressing up!

Basically, you just have to sign up for an account (which is very simple) and ta-dah! you’ve your very own naked doll (avatar). Yup, naked because you’ll have to dress her up mah haha. And your avatar will hardly look like anyone else’s because you get to choose every aspect of her appearance! Mark my words: every aspect!!! From the shape of the eyes, the face, the hairstyle to even her skin color!!! It’s remarkable haha!

Ok, I know that my avatar looks nothing like myself but trust me, if girls can choose to look any way they want to, their avatars will jolly well reflect that. Why on earth would I let my avatar look short and stumpy with narrow slits for eyes and a big flat hum chim beng face, when I could look like this, without having to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery?? The truth is brutal, so please let me escape from reality once in a while haha.  

Anyway, you’ll be given free pupe items just by signing up so that your avatar doesn’t have to meet people in her underwear. Even though the choices are limited and far from glamourous, please practise modesty and dress up first, for goodness sake.

After you’ve dressed up, you can then get down to business. Currency in the poupee land is, get this, ribbons haha. Sure, if you feel too rich, you can use it to buy ribbons at the website. But I’ll prefer you to save that money and give it to me instead. Otherwise you can earn ribbons the way most of us do – by taking photos of your own fashion items and posting them on the website.

Yes, there’s no free lunch in this world. 天下没有免费的午餐。But the task is fairly easy, isn’t it? Especially for girls. To date, I’ve only taken photos of part of my accessories and I’ve already filled up 2 pages of my poupee closet. Fashion items include practically everything from clothes to bags to accessories to shoes to even cosmetics. Caps, belts, sun glasses, scarves, fancy hair clips and hair bands, you name it, you have it, you shoot it haha. But just let me warn you first, the website does have a very strict policy about taking your own photos of your own items (or your friends and family, I suppose). If you take anything from brands’ websites or other poupee girls’ closets, bang, they’ll whack your avatar bonkers.

Posting is really simple too, takes less than a minute:

And after that, you get a FREE poupee item AND some ribbons! What a darn good deal right? You get something to dress up your avatar and ribbons to buy more stuff to dress up at the same time! Perfect for Singaporeans because we all love freebies haha.  

This is how my avatar looks like now:

 Hot chick right haha, but that’s after I uploaded more items to my closet:

After you earn some ribbons, which by the way have no expiry date and you can save up for as long as you like until you decide to spend some, you can go to the community where there are several places you can go to spend your ribbons, buy more items, sell your stuff, throw shells and even chat.  

You can buy items at the Katherine Shop. That’s probably Katherine but I won’t know cause she’s Japanese and doesn’t seem to speak English, so I can’t communicate with her. If that’s her, we ought to kidnap her and ask for a huge ransom because she has to be bloody rich to own the only shop in town.  

There are several floors in her emporium, each selling different categories of items, just like Takashimaya. I can’t really afford to buy much from there yet because many items are far too expensive and the nicer ones are usually sold out really fast. So while stocks last, girls.

If you are looking for cheaper deals, you can try the market place where other poupee girls are selling items which they no longer want. I think you can also get rid of unwanted stuff there and exchange for more ribbons but I’ve not tried that yet. After all, I do not have that many to part with any as yet. (-.-)

Anyway there’s a limit to the number of ribbons they’ll give you in a day for posting your photos (although I’m unsure of the limit because I’m too lazy to count or to search for the answer), so don’t happily post 100 photos in a day and earn, say, 80 ribbons only for the first 10 photos and none for the remaining 90, when you can jolly well post the photos over a week and earn 80 ribbons a day, therefore 560 ribbons for 100 photos. Get what I mean? Do your Mathematics.

After a few postings, while ribbons will still be issued to you, they may give you shells instead of free pupe items. Yes, you read me correctly, shells. You can take these shells and go to the Shell Spring at the community and throw them (any number you want, or simply all of them) into the spring. Very funny right? Sounds like those kind of wishing fountains where you can throw coins in and make a wish. Except that most of the time you will get something (pupe item) out of the spring. Yesterday I threw five in and got something free. I can’t remember what it was though haha. Some fellow poupee girls claim that if you throw the shells (3 different types) in a particular sequence, you will get more out of the spring. Again, I’m way too lazy to check it out. (-.-) 

It’s a terribly interesting game, isn’t it? Perfect if you are very bored or simply like to take photos. Or if you are a big show-off and want everyone else to see your LV bags and Tiffany hair clips. Either way, it’s an immensely popular website with many many girls as you can see from the number of poupee members and how crazily they are into this game just by looking at their avatars because to own so many items and dress up like them, you’ll need to post A LOT of photos.

The downside of this game is inevitably, its source. Many wordings on the website are in Japanese, i.e. don’t know what the hell they are saying, but maybe it’s a girl’s instinct when it comes to shopping and buying things, one will get a hang of the game pretty soon haha. The more important instructions are usually in English so that helps a lot. It seems like the website started with mostly Japanese members but lately, the number of English-speaking members has increased. To help with navigating the website and playing the game, there’s even this instruction and discussion forum at Live Journal: poupeegirl, where I’m sure one can find most of her answers.  

Irregardless of the true purpose of the website (perhaps for commercial reasons, to do statistical research on the consumers), I think that it’s a fairly fun, easy-to-use website and definitely a good time-waster. 🙂 I grow sick of stuff very quickly (except for my family and friends of course, you all are safe), so I reckon that poupee girl will be at the back of my mind in a few months’ time. So before I really forget, I thought I should recommend it to you all first. After all, most people like games, whether online or not, unlike me. 🙂