*gasp* There was, as quoted directly from the disseminated email to scold all of us, a FLOOD at one of the dark rooms at the HQ.

After the service engineer had assessed the facility, it was found that the detector roller had not been placed correctly on the roller grips, thus causing the overflow of the fixer. As a result, the dark room was flooded.

I’m pretty sure that they are exaggerating when they said “flood” but this is till by no means a joke or something trivial to be taken easily because for the entire morning, no one could use the dark room. Even though it’s none of my business since I’m not even based at HQ in the first place and I don’t use the laboratory facilities. Yet as I’m considered as one of the research staff (clinical research is still research), I’m constantly sent one of these “preaching” emails.

But I’m surprised at the extent of human negligence, or to put it more precisely, total disregard and inconsideration towards other users, of some of the laboratory staff. Although it’s not our property, by failing to take care of the equipment (which I may say, are all super duper expensive) or even damaging it accidentally, you cause great inconvenience for other innocent users, as well as for yourself actually, as you’ve to wait until the laboratory buys a new one. How can anyone be so darn stupid.

Negligence is the rust of the soul, that corrodes through all her best resolves.

– Owen Felltham