Easter Day 2008 which was last Sunday was actually my dad’s 56th birthday. 🙂

Remember the last timeI bought a GUESS watch for my mum just because her old one was very worn out and it wasn’t even her birthday? Well, when my dad saw the watch, he joked something along the line of “为什么我没有?”. I was stunned for a while because honestly I forgot about my dad. Sometimes I get guilty because I do place my parents at different levels in my heart. I’m a lot closer to my mum even though I love my dad and for me, it’s always my mum, my mum, my mum – what she wants, what she likes to eat, what she needs. I always forget about my dad. (-.-) He could do with a brand new Seiko automatic watch too. He has been wearing a cheaper watch after he spoilt his Nth Seiko watch. That’s my dad for you – he’s very rough with his stuff. I remember a couple of years ago I bought an expensive Braun Buffel wallet for his birthday. Within less than a few months, he somehow torn the inner layer of the wallet and couldn’t use it anymore. (-.-)

This year I thought I should buy something he can’t afford himself for his birthday too but had no idea what to get him, so I turned to my mum who immediately suggested a belt. My dad’s $30 leather belt has already started to wear out badly. That’s my mum for you haha – she always thinks about my dad, followed by us, although she always insists that it’s the other way round. Ok, half of the time it is, but we always joke about how my mum only cares for my dad and not us.

I’ve never bought a men’s belt before, so I was a bit at a loss when I went to the men’s department at Takashimaya and saw loads and loads of belts. I decided to get one at Braun Buffel again because the designs are more mature and yet stylish at the same time. With the help of the nice salesgirl there, I finally decided upon one made of soft leather and with some gold details on the silver buckle. There was a sale so I purchased it at slightly under $100.

I’m delighted with my present because my dad really loves it! I’m glad that I heed the salesgirl’s advice and bought the thinner one (I thought the belts would be at a standard width haha). My dad’s not obese, so the thicker one will look too bulky on him. He immediately brought out his old one and happily complained to us how worn-out that was and he had worn it for about a year. Then he went on to trim the leather belt happily. He had to cut some 10cm off the belt because it was far far too long for him! I told him that he has just cut about $10 off the belt haha.

The next morning, my mum happily told me that it seemed that my dad’s really happy with the present because he showed it off to her that morning “你看,她们送我一个腰带” before happily wearing it to the coffeeshop for breakfast. He probably has no idea that it was her idea haha, and Dad, it’s not 她们, it’s only ME who paid haha. We estimated that the belt might only last him for a year because he’s now wearing it to everywhere every day. My dad’s probably the only uncle who wears a Braun Buffel belt to the neighbourhood kopitiam. (-.-)  

I’ve yet to find a chance to take a photo of the belt yet because it’s always sitting at his hip somewhere in the neighbourhood or AMK Central haha.

Notice that I used a lot of “happy”? Well, the right gift makes everyone very happy haha. Maybe except for my bank account.

Anyway we wanted to have a good dinner on Sunday itself but it turned out that my cousin was getting married that day and his parents had invited everyone to their place for the Chinese tea ceremony and a meal (catering), so we celebrated with delicious food the day before instead.

Of course my sisters and I didn’t want to go for the Sunday family gathering. We are not close to or fond of our paternal relatives (most of them), especially this particular uncle and his wife, and haven’t been to any family gathering for at least a year. We voiced our reluctance but my mum insisted that we must come along. I noticed that my dad didn’t say anything when we were complaining, so I guess that meant he wanted us to go too. Because if he’s ok with us not going, he will say so. In the end, my 小妹and I went willingly with our parents. My parents actually thought that my 大妹 was joking when she said that she wouldn’t go and I was like, hello, 她是你们生的, 你们不知道她的脾气meh. My sis is as obstinate as a cow, ie like my dad (so he can’t really blame anyone haha), so when she says no, it means N-O, NO. Nothing in the world can change her mind, that stubborn cow.

My late grandparents had 13 children which means I’ve 6 living uncles (one died during childhood) and 6 aunts. If they are nice people and get along absolutely well, then that’s fantastic but the fact is that they mostly aren’t and don’t. If I want to write about this family, I can write a 100-episode drama series like 《真情》haha. Anyway I’ve so many uncles and aunts, and they’ve so many children and their children have MORE children, that I’ve lost count and there are relatives whom I can’t even recognise! I’m made an aunt even before I was born haha.

Look at ALL my relatives who were there that Sunday:

There were more out along the corridor and in other rooms. (-.-) And some who came later or didn’t turn up.

When my sis and I were eating, from time to time when someone walked into the living room, we would look at each other and say “who’s that?” haha. Sometimes even my mum won’t know! That’s when my sis and I would lower our heads and resume eating our food silently, hoping that no one would notice us because we wouldn’t know how to greet them haha.

In short, I actually do enjoy such family gatherings once in a while even though it’s very harmful to my ears because everyone shouts in Hokkien. They are a very interesting though dysfunctional family. Our parents promised us that we didn’t have to stay long though and we left after an hour or so. Instead of going home, we went Orchard to do some shopping!

Look at some of my great buys!

A white plastic bangle with prints of colorful peacock feathers
($13, from FOREVER 21, Wisma Atrium)

A wooden bangle with intricate rose cravings
($12.90, from Pandora’s Box, Cineleisure)

A set of 3 rings, silver with diamantes
($13, from FOREVER 21, Wisma Atrium)

I especially love the bangles! They add to my recent collection. I didn’t use to wear them but after seeing them in magazines and shops for such a long time, I finally realise that they are good at dressing up bare arms. Bracelets aren’t my kind of thing because they are a bit too dainty, so I usually just wear rings but that will leave my arms seemingly bare. BANGLES ARE WONDERFUL! BEAUTIFUL! COLORFUL! I love my bangles. 🙂