Really can’t resist it.

Opps I did it AGAIN!


Bought another item from ART BOX (AMK Hub)!

This time it’s a lovely line book. 🙂

For less than $10, I got myself a beautiful line book with a picturesque, artsy cover: 

Can’t all these birds adorable? Oh, and the bird cage – kawaii!!!~

Part of the design on the cover page is actually on the book file. Yes, it has a plastic file which acts as a protective covering for the book! Cool for someone rough and careless with belongings, like ME!

Inside is nothing too fanciful, which is good because I like to add my own drawings. But there’s still some cute details. 🙂

A great buy right? I was actually in the shop with the aim to buy this small case (made of hard cardboard) that has several compartments (eg drawers) which can carry accessories. It’s decorated with absolutely adorable and colorful cartoons and costs less than $15! Unfortunately there’s no more stock for the design which I lust after haha. I have always wanted to buy a note book, so I ended up getting one.

I’ve always wanted to get one, so that I can write random thoughts or poetry or whatever that comes to my mind at that point in it. I tried once but the book ended up in a corner of my cupboard after a while because there seemed to be no way for me to fill up the entire book and after a while, I would get bored with the idea. I really want to start the habit again, so I hope that this lovely line book will make things work this time round.

I’m also toying with the idea of writing a short story in Chinese recently haha, but it’s kind of difficult because I will need a lot of quiet time by myself to do this and I can’t seem to find the time to do so. Recently I keep visualizing myself getting away from this hectic life and being alone at some foreign country or beach resort. I don’t know why exactly but lately I keep wishing that I can have more time to myself, time alone with myself. I think that’s how I can be more in touch with my inner self. In the past, I won’t think that I can possibly go away on a hoilday to a foreign country on my own but after reading an interview of some girls who talked about their getaways on their own, I suddenly feel the urge to do so haha! Perhaps not to some adventurous countries like Africa/North America yet because I’m still a bit fearful of the social security there, but a trip to a country where I can communicate easily with the people there will definitely be enjoyable.

Which is why I probably need to save up more this year! If I can’t save enough, I’m actually comtemplating a short stay at a local hotel where I can stay in the room, watch TV, walk around in my underwear haha, soak in the bathtub for the whole day! If you all want to donate to my funds, you are very welcome. 🙂