Went to MoS with YY and Mrs Tan last night.

I guess we’d a pretty good time, except that I was dead tired by the timeI reached home at about 4:30am and was swept right into Dreamland the moment my head hit my pillow at 6am. Don’t ask me why I took so long to wash up and go to bed because when I’m tired, I’m naturally very slow.

Didn’t manage to take any photo into the dark haven of Smoove. But these are the pathetic two I took in the MoS ladies which initially won us over by its clean bright white interiors and transluscent cubicle doors when MoS first opened but is now just any dirty and smelly washroom. (-.-)

I bought a very pretty bangle that evening after work to go with the brown tube top with lace trimmings and a big lace ribbon from Double Index and the other accessories I’ve to match the top. 

It’s bronze with some neat pressings of, I don’t know, grass/tiny leaves? Looks like grass to me haha.

It’s kind of vintage, so I thought it’s really cool. I bought it at this accessories stall at B1 of AMK Hub. I can’t remember the name but it has some pretty cool pieces and I think it has another branch at Bishan J8 (outside Esprit, if the stall’s still there, that is) which I used to frequent and liked to buy my earrings there (imported from Korea). Ever since AMK Hub opened, I hardly bother to shop outside of AMK haha.

My theme for that night was, as you can see, brown and gold haha. I must admit – I’ve this OCD where I MUST match my attire, accessories, bag and shoes. If I wear something which I feel doesn’t really match but I’ve no other item to wear with, I’ll feel weird for the entire time I’m out wearing it haha.

I like to buy accessories from ALDO too and this is my proudest piece:

It’s a set of 3 rings which you can wear all of them together if you want to, or in pairs, or separately! It’s in gold with pink, gold and clear crystals respectively. And you can wear them in any order you feel like too haha. It’s super bling bling and pretty. 🙂

Ok, gotta go and watch 娱乐百分百,小猪and my favourite 小鬼!

And oh yes, Happy Good Friday, peeps!!!!~