If we employees at our lab are like the North pole of a magnet, then our bosses are also the North pole.

If we are the South pole, so are they (copycats).

Everytime my boss steps into the control room of our lab to analyse a report, everyone else in the room who is originally happily doing their own work (maybe while listening to their mp3s), reading magazines/newspapers or occupied with anything else, starts to evacuate the room one by one rapidly.

It’s true. This phenomenon was spotted just now when my boss entered the control room. Everyone else including me left the room one by one, even if they were doing their work seriously before that, and went to the counter/other room where they’d no business to be there at all except to chit chat and do unproductive stuff. Ultimately the room was cleared, except for my boss of course and for the good 15 minutes she was in there, it remained that way. Once she left the room, everyone else returned.

It’s truly a phenomenon.

Does this happen in your office too? 😛