I’ve never said I’m mature or sensible before, so don’t be too surprised to read what I’m going to type now, the super childish things that have been going inside my head (and I’ve been doing some) haha.

My BIGGEST fan would have heard of this before because she was in the vicinity for a talk last Monday which ended at about the same time as my work, so we met up for some sweet desserts at the nearby Delifrance. After the meal, as we were about to leave my office building, we happened (suay suay) to bump into my ever-irritating, disgusting, repulsive (there are at least 100 more words I can drag out of my vocabulary to describe the bitch) colleague (it’s a shame to be her colleague), whom I fondly call her Ji Pu Sai (JPS), who just left the office. So for the first time after hearing so much about her, one of my friends finally had the honour to meet this pile of shit.

It’s not wrong to be fat, but to be repulsive and fat is a major turn-off.
You 31-year-old virgin.

I don’t want to go into details of all the nonsense that I, as well as everyone else in the office except for the only one who has her back, the equally disgusting HOD (bitch!), have to put up with. Basically, she’s a back-stabbing, badmouthing bitch who makes up malicious lies about the rest of us to the HOD, has indirectly caused the dismissal and quitting of several good bosses in our company by making vicious accusations without any supporting evidence, thinks the world of herself and feels that everyone else is lazy, incapable and dishonest, pushes all her mistakes to innocent others, takes advantage of kind people who try their best to be nice to her, and so on. I could probably write a book on how unprofessional she is as a working professional, how immoral as a living person, how dishonest as an employee.   

I always remind myself and try my best not to be affected by her negativity. It’s simply not worth my health to do so. But she’s honestly the worst kind of person I’ve ever met so far. When I first got to know her, I couldn’t believe that such a person would exist on Mother Earth. I believe in karma, so I think she’s going to have a terrible time in her later years. I’m not cursing her even though if it works, I will haha. In short, I’m steering clear of her path (to Hell) ever since I can’t put up with her nonsense anymore. It’s not that I don’t know what kind of person she is right from the start. I do, but I try to tolerate, try to believe that she’s not as bad as she seems, even though no one else in the office will even talk to her. But there’s a limit to everything in the universe and there’s one to my tolerance too, especially after hearing her badmouth me over the phone to someone I’ve never even met.

Since then, we don’t talk, don’t even greet each other, let alone smile at each other. That’s my way of treating people whom I don’t like or can’t stand. I treat them as if they are non-existent. I always act like she’s not around haha, invisible, can’t see you. It helps that she’s a lot shorter than me in my heels haha. I know it’s so evil and snotty of me but I’ll walk past her with my chin up high and expressionless (which is a scary expression in my case haha). If I see myself like this, I’ll probably give myself a tight slap, but hey, it’s JPS we are talking about. This bitch deserves it.

Which is why I’m burning mad that she’s been using my adapter! Without permission! That bloody bitch!  

The new girl at office, aka JPS’ brand new and only friend at work, bought a new electric kettle because we don’t have a pantry here, let alone a hot water dispenser (we only have a pathetic water cooler like those you can find in schools). JPS once again takes advantage of this little girl’s kindness and has been borrowing her kettle to make coffee. The thing is that she doesn’t have any free socket to use at her workspace and I don’t know why she can’t just make use of the new girl’s socket since she’s using her kettle anyway. I’ve an adapter on my desk because I need more sockets than I’ve and the installed sockets are under the desk which are inconvenient to use as I’ll have to crawl under the desk.

Perhaps she thought that the adapter was left behind by our ex-colleague who used to sit beside me but has since left because she couldn’t stand the political nonsense here. But in reality, it’s freaking not! It’s mine! My mum bought it for me! If she asks for permission, I will have let her use it (I think). If we are friends or on talking terms, she doesn’t even need any permission to use it freely. But how dare she use it without asking, and right in front of me too!

Ok, she places the dumb kettle on the empty desk beside my workspace but the bloody adapter is ON MY DESK! MY DESK! MY ADAPTER!!!! Even though I don’t pay for the electricity, that’s MY ADAPTER!!!

Haha damn childish of me, right? Even as I get angry by her acts, I know it’s very childish of me to feel and act this way. But I can’t help it. Love is childish and so is hatred. When one gets overwhelmed by emotions, it’s very hard to control one’s behaviours and that can get very childish.

I really feel like scolding her when I catch her using my adapter but even as I imagine how I’ll scold her, it sounds super immature to me haha. “谁说你可以用我的adapter,你没有问就用,很没有礼貌leh,不可以用我的adapter!!!” Walau, super childish haha.  

Instead, what I did was to plug in ALL the three sockets on the adapter even though only my electric kettle is plugged all the time and I only take out my charger when I need to! I put a two-pin to three-pin adapter into the third one, even though I’ve no absolute use for it! Super childish haha. But I took out the two-pin plug very soon because the bitch was saying how her new Sony Ericsson handphone uses a two-pin plug and she doesn’t have the adapter here. There’s no freaking way she’ll be using mine! Hrmph!! 

That very afternoon after I took out that adapter, leaving a free socket, she used it again. Bloody hell. Yesterday I tried to bury the adapter under a heap of paper and blocked it with the kettle. She bloody hell dared to push away my kettle and used the adapter again! What the fuck. Today I moved the adapter from the side of the desk all the way to the middle so that there’s no way she can use it because she’ll have to put the kettle on my desk as the wiring’s not long enough to reach the desk beside mine.   

Fuck if she dares to do so! I mean, what’s wrong with this fucking bitch. We don’t even talk, she badmouths me all the time and she still thinks that she can use MY adapter?! What the fuck is wrong with her??! I won’t even borrow her stapler if I need one urgently. I’ll die die sought another one out to use. Because I don’t like her so there’s no way I will ever use her stuff (except to destroy them or throw them into the bin when she doesn’t notice). (-.-)

Damn pissed but once again, there’s no point getting all so fed-up with this kind of scum. Honestly, use my adapter?! (-.-)