Self-acclaimed BIGGEST fan of my blog, my gooooodest friend, Cyn is flying to Taiwan today for her company incentive trip.

Damn cool lah cause she’ll be going to 台北, 台中 and 花莲, before flying to HK. (-.-)

Which is why I’ve been trying very hard to squeeze into her company all this time haha but there has still been no vacancy. Can understand why no one wants to leave this company though haha.

Anyway she said she’ll be bringing her laptop there because she can’t miss a day without reading my blog. I think she must be 哈啦-ing again because there isn’t even enough time to roam the whole of 台北, let alone time to switch on the laptop and surf my blog. But in case she really does so, I want to tell her something here because I forgot to do so when I messaged her last night.

If you see 刘德华 in Hong Kong, remember to pack him into your luggage and bring him back to me.


Ok, not very difficult to remember, right? 要记得哦!

So I’ll see you, and my Andy Lau, when you come back next week (with Andy Lau of course).