One of my friends’ latest project, Fashion Forward, airs every Tuesday, 10pm on Channel 5, starting from 11th March 2008 (which is like, tonight haha).

This new 30-minute series is not just for fashionistas or those who can convincingly sprout sentences such as “Oh, I think those new Manolo Blahniks are simply divine, darling“; but also for those who want to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the wonderfully-ever-changing world of fashion, in which today’s silk purse can be tomorrow’s pig’s ear.

The host is Rebecca Tan. You may remember Rebecca as Singapore’s Model Of The Year in 2003, and MediaCorp’s Babe Of the Year in 2004. Having modeled all over the region, as well as New York, Miami, South Africa and Milan, Rebecca is ready to bring her sartorial expertise to us as the host of this brand-new fashion magazine. She will be joined by the show’s resident stylist, Marcus A. C., who has assisted the likes of Najib Ali, and has produced and choreographed fashion shows for labels like G-star, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren. Doesn’t it sound impressive already??

the duo who will be working the magic

The pair will work their fashion magic every week during a makeover portion of the show. Rebecca will also bring viewers the latest in fashion do’s (or don’ts) from industry insiders as well as our very own fabulous celebrities. The latter is a special segment in which we look at the fashion faux pas made by some of our most “fashionable” celebrities as the cameras go right inside their homes and raid their wardrobes! Oh, 突击行动, I like!

I virtually like anything and everything to do with fashion. If you look at all the fashion magazines which I read all the time, you’ll get the idea. And my favourite day to read the Straits Times will be Thursdays because that’s when they’ve the Urban haha. I totally dig Urban!!!~ I especially like to know what the celebrities are wearing/ buying/ having! The last page of Urban is a feature of the contents of the bag of a different celebrity each week and that’s like my favourite part. It’s not like I’ll go and buy whatever that the celebrities have and I don’t. I think it’s more like I’m very kaypoh and just want to see what they are like off-screen.   

And I’m especially interested to know all fashion do’s and don’ts, so that even if I can’t do all the do’s, at least I can avoid the don’ts! My main fashion peeve is seeing girls revealing their bra straps while wearing sleeveless tops (spags, tank tops) or even tubes, and no, wearing those “transparent” bra straps is still a big NO-NO! Because they are transparent BUT NOT INVISIBLE, i.e. everyone can still see them. It’s not 国王的新衣 leh. Why not just remove the straps and wear your bra strapless? If you’re worried about it slipping off, then perhaps it’s time to buy some new ones because they are not supposed to go anywhere near South. When I was in university, there was this girl usually sitting in front of me in lecture and she always wore transparent straps with her tank top. I always had to resist taking out my scissors and nipping the straps off.  

To avoid fashion faux pas, it’s advisable that you spare some time between 10pm to 10:30pm every Tuesday night, switch on your TV, go to Channel 5 and watch “Fashion Forward”! Not sure if they are going to touch on men’s fashion, but hey, there’s always the very delectable Rebecca Tan to feast your eyes on! 🙂