I met up with my secondary school clique last evening.

The last time we saw each other was on a happy occasion, Mummy-to-be Mrs Leow’s wedding last December. I said a happy occasion because the few times we saw each other before the wedding were to visit the then-very-sick May at Mt Alvernia. Hardly a joyous occasion as she struggled on the brink of life and death after an almost fatal infection by the commonest bacteria, mycoplasm.  It was an unexplainable case even by all the specialists there and we would never forget the shock at the sudden news of her hospitalization, at the thought of nearly losing a dearest friend like her.

But that was almost 6 months ago and now she’s back to her old chirpy self, still hard at work and play, with no permanent damage after her multiple threatening organ failure during her hospital stay. The only damage was probably only the hospital bills haha, which amounted to over $100k! Luckily she has insurance which covered a good 60%. *phew* Perhaps also as a result of the incident, May who has never had the time to organise a gathering before and seldom made it to those which the rest of us organised in the past initiated this dinner! Very very rare indeed haha, but definitely an appreciated move. 🙂

We had dinner last evening at Ichiban Sushi, AMK Hub (#02-01), which somehow always has a queue outside even though it was a Monday yesterday. The restaurant is fairly spacious, so the queue is usually pretty fast. We thought we could waste more time in the queue as we were waiting for Ru, but in less than 10 minutes, we were brought to our table at a cozy corner of the restaurant.

the menu

the lovely lamp at our table

the tiled wall

It would have been nicer if we had a table near the floor-to-ceiling windows. There’s actually nothing much to look out at, except for the roads, the cross junction, all those cars and the MRT station with the trains coming in and out, but it was raining yesterday and it would be a feeling of serenity to peer out onto the streets admist all that rain.

Anyway there must be a curse at Ichiban Sushi for the four of us because the last time we were there, halfway through the queue, May informed that she couldn’t come at the last minute due to work. Yesterday, Ru called to say that she couldn’t make it as she was still stuck at her client’s office solving queries, when we were already sitting in the restaurant. (-.-) In the end, it was just three of us again.

Anyway we’d so much food that the bill was a bit scary. But we were honestly raving hungry by the time we ended work. I was so hungry that it didn’t even occur to me to take a photo of my food before starting on it haha. By the time I realised, paiseh, I already finished the entire dish. I’d the Unagi Fragrant Rice which took quite long to prepare (but it could seem long because I was starving) but was definitely worth the wait! It was literally fragrant especially wih the fried garlic and the unagi (my favourite!!) was yummy pom pi pi.

a little bit too oily but still delicious!!~

But of course the highlight of the night wasn’t the food. The intention of the gathering wasn’t the food in the first place. It was to meet Mummy-to-be Mrs Leow and her up-and-coming baby!!!~

Babies!!!! I love babies!!!~ Mrs Leow is my first close friend to get pregnant, even though not the first to get married. She’s already well into her 5 months and guess what, we are going to have a little Princess Miss Leow coming in 3-4 months’ time!!! I think we seem more excited than she is haha. We asked her practically about everything – the morning sickness, the unpredictable food cravings, the back aching, leg swelling, baby kicking. The lucky mummy doesn’t feel any unwell at all and her hubby is damn lucky that his wife doesn’t have any demand for particular food at strange hours at night! And the baby is still too small for us to feel her kicks, which are still very light at the moment.  

Mummy Leow has already thought of a name for Princess Leow: Ashley ___ Leow. Ashley is a beautiful name in my opinion. Darn, she got married and pregnant first so she got to call her baby Ashley first, which means my baby can’t have that name. (-.-) Erm, too early to think about that anyway haha. Ashley’s supposed to have a middle name too and the Mummy wanted to name that after herself but everyone said it’s too odd haha because the middle name is usually named after some grandparent or aunt/uncle rather than the mum. But their grandmums are Jenny and Josephine, and Ashley Jenny doesn’t sound classy. 😛

We spent the evening offering possible middle names. There were hilarious ones like Ashley Simpson Leow, which immediately drew a scowl from the Mummy. Mummy likes the name Summer too but Ashley Summer Leow seems to sound like, Ashley, Summer liao! Singapore is summer all year round, so this name is bound to be made fun of by other kids. I suggested naming baby Ashley after auntie-to-be May because Ru and I don’t have Christian names, but then it will sound like Ashley, 没了 which is not auspicious at all. (-.-)  

We put the blame on the surename which makes it hard to get a middle name that will have the entire name sound smooth. The Mummy actually suggested to her hubby, Mr Leow, to let the baby girl take after her maiden name, arguing that the baby boys (supposing she’ll have boys in the future) can be Leows. Like Mr Leow, our response was “are you crazy?!”.

The Mummy revealed the possibility of naming a future son Ashton, so it was not surprising that May and I said in unison, Ashton Kutcher Leow! The Mummy almost fainted at the suggestion. Because the Mummy has always been a Princess all her life and is currently promoted as the Queen, always dressed in branded clothings and carrying high-end branded bags, we (ok, just May and I) figured that her kids can be called Ashley Dior Leow and Ashton Gucci Leow. Super high class sia. You think it’s ostentatious haha?      

No matter what, I think that she’s very happy these days, even though a little tad too tired from work especially because they’ve to be on call. Mr Leow seems to be a great guy and she gets along with her in-laws whom she’s staying with currently, so everything seems fine. Pregnancy also seems to be agreeing with her. Well, just less than 4 months more to go anyway! Can’t wait to see baby Ashley! I’ve a feeling that the three of us will spoil her crazy! 🙂