Last night, I was home with my sisters and Dad, all of us watching TV in the living room. My mum was away visiting her sisters at one of their homes.

The door was closed due to the typhoon-like wind we’ve been experiencing lately (we live on the 11th storey with a soccer field in front of our block, ie nothing to block the crazy wind blowing into our flat and attempting to freeze us all while leaving our home look like it has really been struck by a typhoon) but one of the windows was left open for ventilation. So when I, sitting in full view of the window, saw a bespectacled face pop up at the window peering in, I naturally thought that it was Mum.

But straight away, I knew that it couldn’t be because it’s one of those old-school windows with many glass panels and not the sliding type that’s very low and big, making it far more easier to break into the flat. We will only leave the top half of the window panels open, which means you have to be quite tall for even the top of your head to be seen. I can’t see into the flat at all even if I tip-toe or wear my highest pair of heels and my mum’s even shorter than I am. Then I heard a male voice outside on the corridor saying “Hello, Uncle” (refering to my dad of course).

I could feel my blood pressure raising immediately. I said crossly to the rest of my family, “他神经病啊,怎么可以看进来” before storming to the door and opening it. Usually if I’m at home, I’m the one who handles all salespersons or non-neighbours at the door because my parents don’t speak English and my sisters are, well, younger. That’s what an elder sis is for anyway, isn’t it? So anyway, there was a guy and a girl standing outside, probably in their late teens or early 20s. They weren’t in office wear but looked clean. The girl was carrying a laptop bag and just standing meekly beside the guy who was holding some pamplet and doing the talking. I waited patiently for him to introduce themselves and, I suppose, all the time having a very crossed look on my face, before saying to him very sternly, “Ok, but you cannot just peep in like that, OKAY? It’s very RUDE.”

Haha they were super taken aback. Well, I won’t blame them because while I didn’t raise my voice at them at all and I used good English (as I do to all strangers. My friends and siblings get to hear my Singlish), if looks can kill, then mine definitely can. Anytime, any day haha. They obviously took a stab haha. In fact, they each almost took a step back in fear and they looked completely stunned. The girl looked like she wanted to run off haha. For the rest of the encounter, she didn’t dare to look at me and just looked at the guy as if for assistance should I suddenly lunge at her haha.

She didn’t have to though because it was the guy’s fault and not hers. The guy obviously didn’t think that it was wrong of him to do so, otherwise he wouldn’t look so shocked. But of course it was wrong! They could have just knocked on the bloody door! Peeping in is for peeping toms, intrusion of privacy!!! AGAINST THE SINGAPORE LAW!!!! Ok, probably not so serious but it was incorrect. And absolutely RUDE. Just because our door was closed and windows open, it didn’t mean that you could peek. He wasn’t that tall so he had to tip-toe to look in which was even more unacceptable. Besides, our lights were on, you could hear the TV from outside – which means, hello, we ARE at home. Just had to knock on the door, you idiot.  

He did apologise immediately and went on to explain why he was here on our doorstep. Honestly, would I have cared to listen to him any further? After what he had done to my blood pressure? He probably just shortened my lifespan by a few years. (-.-) Again, I waited for him to finish before telling him that I wasn’t interested. I think he was supposed to be going from door to door “explaining the CPF and Medisave details to AMK residents”. At 9pm??? Bullshit if you ask me. Even if he was giving away free gifts, I would have slammed the door in his face. Which of course I didn’t because it was too rude haha. Like him. Instead I closed the door politely, even though I failed to acknowledge when he tried to compensate his wrongdoing by acting friendly and saying “thanks and goodbye”. Goodbye, your head lah.

Young people nowadays don’t even know basic manners like knocking on the door. *tsk tsk* Must we have the schools to teach this kind of basic manners as well?