These days I really like buying cutesy stuff.

My sis said that I act cute.

Ahem, I beg to differ. I think I’m more like 返老顽童 haha.

My latest requisition is a Very Berry – My Wine Travel card case from Art Box. Art Box is this really cool shop at the third level of AMK Hub which is a franchise of the Korean Art Box! I think it’s the only Art Box in Singapore. It sells really kawaii stuff ranging from notebooks, planners, card holders, luggage tags, memo pads, pens, pencil cases, socks, bags, soft toys to underwear!   

A fat plush cat in white, holding a glass of red wine haha. Very me.

I use it to hold all my cards (minus my ATM cards and IC) so that I don’t have to bring all my cards out when I go for lunch. All this extra weight and bulk for nothing when I go for lunch. It’s not like I’ll pop into any boutique to shop during lunch anyway so I don’t need my privilege or membership cards.

Anyway some of the items that Art Box carries include:

Notebooks at very affordable prices starting from $2.90, I think.

The shop sells tons of pencil cases in both cloth and cardboard materials with absolutely cute designs, and in all shapes and sizes! There’s bound to be one which matches your needs!  

Socks! So adorable!

Though no one can see it when you’ve your shoes on, but just like lingerie, you feel good just knowing that you’ve pretty ones on, right?

Totally picturesque bags! Not cheap though haha.

Kawaii underwear, blatantly named “Cute Underwear” haha!

I want to buy everything in Art Box but luckily I’m not crazy yet haha. Cutesy things don’t come cheap! Brought Diz to this shop last Sunday too and she said the items rock too. 🙂

Visit Art Box today! (They ought to pay me some money for advertising haha)