This has been a pretty queer morning.

I was having a hearty breakfast at the lab this morning. We call it a lab but it’s not exactly a laboratory with test-tubes, centrifuge machines and micropipettes. It’s extremely hard to explain everything from the scratch but I work at a place where less than a handful of the thousands of visitors who walk in and out of the building every day know of it. It’s nevertheless a highly recognised lab where important work is done every day. We are slowly raising public awareness on our field and services. Believe me, you see us in the newspaper and magazines. ūüôā What I do also involves other¬†people, so it would be of my and their best interests not to talk about my work in¬†greater details. Otherwise it could be a breach of ethics and confidentality. ¬†

Anyway this morning as I was enjoying my breakfast in the comfort of¬†the control room, chaos were going on outside at the counter and clinic. TWO patients were crying at about the same time and almost unstoppable. One was an auntie who probably started crying halfway through her consultation with the doctor. We guess that she was probably telling the doc about her problems and got so upset that she started to sob.¬†Her husband was with her and yet unable to console her.¬†Her crying got so bad that¬†the nurse had to bring her, along with her husband, to a private room to console her. She was still crying an hour later. ūüė¶

The other one was also a lady. You won’t believe what sparked off¬†her crying. She was supposed to have an appointment at 12pm but for reasons only known to her, she came before 11am. By right, she would have to wait until¬†those before her have been¬†seen and it would be her turn. Irregardless of the time she arrived. She wanted to see the doc earlier but the clerk explained to her clearly that she would still have to wait. She didn’t argue but after she sat down in the waiting room, she started sobbing. (-.-)

*sigh* She must be very stressed.

The doc ended¬†up having the quote of the day as he came out of his clinic room, hands pulling his hair and said¬†to the clerks in frustration, “Argh, the patients today are all crazy!!

We laughed like¬†crazy, in the privacy of the control room of course, and¬†thought of replying him, “Well, you are the psychiatrist. Duh.”¬†¬†