I am so happy today that I think I’ll smile in my sleep tonight. 🙂

I took half day off this afternoon so that I could visit the National Museum of Singapore!

In my memory, I’ve only been to NMS once and that was like in primary or secondary school which is easily 10 years or more ago! I was going to say that I went to the Singapore Art Museum recently but come to think about it, it has been more than 1 year. (-.-) Anyway after visiting SAM, I decided to visit NMS soon. The  Greek Masterpieces From The Louvre makes a great motivation to do so! If not for the refurbishment of the Louvre‘s Classical Greek and Hellenistic galleries, I don’t think I’ll ever ever have the chance to view the fine selection of 130 sculptures, figurines, reliefs, vases, jewellery and implements at our very own National Museum of Singapore. Many of these objects are in fact leaving the Louvre for the very first time since they were accessioned into the collection.

Probably due to the popularity of the Greek ancient pieces, the exhibition hall was much more crowded than expected. There were also many students on school excursions. I saw NJCians and VJCians. There were convent girls who were sketching sculptures there. There was even this big group of kindergarten kids. (-.-) I don’t understand why the school decided to bring them there. Honestly, they are far too young to appreciate the beauty. Even the older students who were there were more interested in chit-chatting and joking around, making so much noise that other visitors who just wanted to soak in the tranquility found it hard to do so. I wanted to spend a peaceful afternoon by myself in the museum, so I was quite disappointed initially.

Nevertheless, it was a fascinating exhibition and the sculptures in particular were so breathtakingly beauuuutiful! I took so many photos there until my handphone battery went completely flat! Ya, I thought that we weren’t allowed to take photos there as well. Luckily right at the start of the exhibition, I saw this tourist take a photo with her digital camera right in front of the security guard. She had the flash on, so the guard simply told her not to use the flash but didn’t say that photo-taking isn’t allowed. 🙂 So I started taking photos like crazy! I took over 100 photos throughout the museum and I actually could’ve taken more, but unfortunately, my battery died. (-.-)

Anyway, behold! The beautiful displays at the Greek Masterpieces From The Louvre:

(And don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s a LOT of photos!!~)

The busts:

This is no other than Alexander the Great (356 BC – 323 BC), also known as Alexander III. He was an ancient Greek king of Macedon and one of the most successful military commanders in history, undefeated in battle. By the time of his death, he had conquered most of the world known to the ancient Greeks.

Socrates – Classical Greek philosopher, considered as one of the founders of Western philosophy, the teacher of Plato (see below) and a strong influence as well to Aristotle (see below), student of Plato. His work continues to form an important part of the study of philosophy to this day. Many great quotes came from this Great man: “Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.” and “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” are two of my favourites. 🙂

Plato – also one of the greatest Greek philosophers. Ever heard of “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good action in others.“? Come from Plato himself.

Aristotle – I can only say 名师出高徒 haha.

Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC)

Some of the other busts/sculptures etc which I especially like:

Head of a veiled woman – it’s still unclear who she was exactly.

This is a Greek funerary plaque. It was damn glorious.

And this is a funerary lion statue! It was huge and more magnificent than any lion statue which I’ve ever seen!

This is Athena, Goddess of Heroic Endeavour. I thought she looked like the Chinese 妈祖.

This gorgeous masterpiece is a, guess what, mirror box! I guess it means that it has a mirror on the reverse side. The craving was so intricate it almost made me cry.

The exhibtion has a lot of ancient pottery pieces.

One of the nude statues. 看起来好像腰痛 haha.
If you see carefully, you’ll notice that its *ahem* had been knocked off. (-.-) Poor thing.

This is one of my favourites!
It’s a double portrait of Aristophanes and Sophocles. I didn’t know who they were initially but this is still a beautiful piece of work.

Can’t remember what this was but it’s really lovely too. The craftmanship is impossible.

An athlete holding a discus – discus throw is one of the important events in the Olympics.

Hercules!!!~ But strangely, all the Hercules figurines have no head.
Maybe Hercules was too handsome and somebody got jealous.

Oh my god, but I honestly didn’t know that Nike was a Greek goddess!
Ok, I just f0und out that neither did my sis know *relieved* Apparently, it means Victory.

Apollo (God of Sun) – apparently trying to catch the lizard

At first I thought that this is Cupid. *sheesh*
Turned out that this is his Greek equivalent, Eros, God of Love.
Apparently, he also liked to use bow and arrows to shoot people.

And well, well, who we’ve here?
It’s not for no reason that we say “women are from Venus“.
This is Aphrodite (Latin: Venus), Goddess of Love.

And this is her counterpart, Ares (Mars), God of War.
Yes, yes, that’s why men are from Mars.
Is it set in the ancient times that men and women are supposed to be this different?
Love and War are not exactly mates, right?
Oh I put this down because the bust (supposedly an athlete) had a headband on haha.
Never knew that the Greeks were so hip. They set the trend for celebrities! Like Madonna:   


Although the exhibits are normally displayed according to material-type at their old location, the local exhibition arranges thematically an overview of Greek civilization at its political and artistic height in the so-called Classical period (5th to 4th centuries BCE). But to be truthful, I’m not particularly interested in Greek history and Greek mythology because it’s all just sooo…confusing haha. Do you know just how many mistresses and illegitimate children Zeus have even though he was already married to Hera??? *hrmph* Men. So halfway through the exhibition, I gave up reading some of the inscriptions. 😛

Overall, this exhibition is not to be missed, especially if you are interested in ancient masterpieces. It will be ending next Sunday, 16th March 2008, so if you want to catch it, do it soon! Tickets are sold at $8 for adults and it’s unlimited access to the gallery on the same day. If you’ve the time, I would advise you to get the promotional package to see ALL the galleries at the NMS for just $10 (similarly, unlimited access to the galleries)! I got this and the Singapore History Gallery was a blast! Too bad I didn’t have enough time to finish it, or to visit the Singapore Living Gallery on the same floor. (-.-)

I might go again soon to revisit the Singapore History Gallery as well as finish up with the Singapore Living Gallery. But this time round, I’ll go early in the morning when the Museum opens so that I can finish everything. Anyway if you are hungry halfway through the browsing, you can visit any of the restaurants there to grab a bite as well as enjoy the beautiful architecture of the Museum. I’ve more photos from the Singapore History Gallery coming up later! Watch this space! 🙂