Still in office now (which is a miracle by itself) as both my clients decided to come late today. I told both to come before 6.30pm and was lucky that one came before 6pm while the other arrived at 6.30pm. It would be chaotic should both come at the same time but I knew better than to arrange different timings for them as they would never come on time anyway and if I was really suay, both would still somehow come on the same time haha.

Anyway the second client started talking to me regarding his problems and sharing his feelings, which is why I’m still here now. Somewhere through the conversation, I realised that he’s a lawyer. My boss didn’t warn me in the first place!!~ I was naturally a bit nervous after the realization. Not because I was worried that he would sue me for saying the wrong things haha. I was more nervous about my English and professionalism! But my worries were unnecessary as he turned out to be a very pleasant and easy-going lawyer. 

He asked me something which no client has ever asked me before: What do I like about this job?

Funnily, the thing I love most about this job is talking to clients like him, who need someone to listen to his problems and concerns. Or rather listening to them haha. You’ll be surprised at how much others need a good and patient listening ear. I’ve always had my mum to talk to, as well as my sisters, so that’s not an issue with me. I believe that this is actually the main reason why I don’t mind listening to people talk about their own stuff. There are friends whom I find it hard to talk to because they don’t really listen to you and are just waiting for the moment to interrupt and start talking about themselves (-.-). After a while, I just give up trying to talk to them about personal matters haha.

Listening to someone talk might not seem like an important thing but to others, it might mean lifting some of that burden off their hearts. With just 15 minutes of your time, it might even make someone happier. Less depressed. Less suicidal. By just listening to someone talk, it means that you care about him or her. Even if it’s a stranger whom you just meet for the first time today and may never see in the future. To you, it’s just a matter of minutes, but to people with unsaid problems, it means warmth, care and concern.

I told him that there is a lot of people who need help. Especially clients like him, even though he’s much better off as he has the money to find help. He asked if it makes me happy that others are happy as a result of me.

I said yes. 🙂