I lost my handphone. Yes, my one-year-old black Motorola Razr V3xx.

I shall not go into details about how I lost it exactly because everyone who had heard it said that I was stupid. I shall not deny that it happened in the first place because I was absent-minded. The day I stopped going to school was the day my brain stopped its maintenance and upgrading. Now it seems like my brain’s just going downhill all the way. *sigh* Well, we just started playing mahjong last Sunday after Mrs Tan decided on an impulse to buy a mahjong set and a mahjong table. Hopefully that will really help with my early on-set Alzheimer’s disease. (-.-)

Anyway don’t worry because I wasn’t upset over the loss. No, it’s not because I’m already used to losing stuff. In fact, the only items I’ve lost previously were my brand new TIMEX watch (a 17/18th birthday gift from Mum), my thumbdrive (which I dropped last year and very luckily got back from a kind and helpful stranger last year) and this handphone. Well, at least these are what I can remember. (-.-) I’m not very good at retaining unpleasant memories, which is really good in its own way.

At this age, I’ve come to realise that there’s really no use in being so upset over the loss of material items. What’s lost is usually lost for good anyway. Sayonara. Au Revoir. Aus Wiedersehen. Being so saddened brings no good to anything, especially one’s health. I also believe that everything happens for a reason even though I’ve no freaking idea what it might be. Maybe my handphone is going to explode someday soon. A recent news reported that a secondhand handphone exploded during charging and destroyed the entire bedroom. Anyway we Chinese have a saying that’s consoling to me too: 破财消灾 haha.

Besides, my old Motorola was already quite beaten and the camera was already faulty. I was far more troubled by the fact that I had to pick a new handphone to buy! I hate buying new handphones! Because I don’t have the money to change my handphones as and when I want, I used each of my previous handphones for more than 2 years before I changed it. I can actually buy a new one after every 21 months but as I’m very lazy to do research on possible new handphones, I usually don’t bother to do that until my handphone threatens to break down into pieces. You see, I’ve a very bad habit when it comes to my handphone: I don’t really take good care of it. I don’t bother to use a pouch because it’s troublesome and I drop my poor handphone every now and then. Sometimes I accidentally place it on a wet spot or spill some water on it. Which would explain the state of my Motorola before it disappeared from my life.     

Hence the main criteria for a new handphone is that it must be hardy. All my old handphones were Panasonics and a Motorola which were all super sturdy and resistant to free fall drops from the top of stairways/tables haha. Function-wise, of course the phone can’t be too shabby – mp3 and a reasonable camera are necessary. As for the outer appearance, after I got my Motorola Razr, I’m hooked on manly handphones haha. Small clamshells look silly to me.

In the end, I didn’t do any research before I bought my new handphone. The reason’s simple: I don’t really have time to choose. I need my damn phone for work, so I had to buy one real quickly. On the day I lost my Motorola, I called SingTel to inactivate my SIM card, went to the neighbourhood police post to make a police report, went to the SingTel HELLO shop to get my new SIM card and bought my new phone. Luckily I live in AMK where it has everything! Otherwise it would be a day tiring enough to kill.

This is my new phone and good buddy:  


Samsung G800

With dimensions of 101.5 x 52 x 18.8 mm, it can hardly be called a compact phone, especially after using Motorola Razr. But it’s a pretty phone and the functions are not too bad, I think. Another thing with having used a Motorola Razr is that I’m used to a bigger display screen. Boasting a 2.4-inch screen, photos taken by the 5.0 megapixel camera can be shown clearly. The phone also has a FM radio! Great because I won’t die if I forget to bring along my mp3 player.



It has been 3 days since I bought my new Samsung and I’m not done with exploring the phone yet. Sometimes I think I’m like an old person because while I like high-tech gadgets, my interest in a gadget is never great enough to have me fiddling with it the entire day. I take my time to figure out the gadget. My Motorola was the same model as my sis because I decided to just buy the same one after she bought hers, tried it out for a few weeks and it was fine. That’s how much I don’t like to buy new phones haha. There was a particular function for the phone which I didn’t realise until more than 6 months later when my sis told me. She had this incredulous look on her face then because she couldn’t believe that I didn’t know of the function haha.

This phone has some pretty interesting features, suitable for girls, I suppose. Men might have them useless and a waste of space haha. I just found out that I could edit my photos/pictures on the phone itself – crop, effects (B/W, Sepia etc), resize, rotate, flip, adjust color/brightness/contrast, insert frames/cliparts, emoticons, text etc! It’s so fun! I can also make/edit videos. (^^) 

Today I also found out that besides setting pictures/photos as the wallpaper and the “living world” wallpaper provided, I could set something like a slideshow to run as the wallpaper. Super pretty. Now I’ve pictures of Kenichi Matsuyama running across my display screen with colorful translucent butterflies fluttering all around haha.  

Basically, my new phone’s alrighty although I’m not used to using a Samsung yet. But like what everyone else said, if you’ve used Motorola before, any other brands will be an easy feat to use!