It’s the 29th of February today!!! This day only happens every four years during a leap year, so a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all those having their birthdays on this special day!

I’m jealous because you are all so damn young. A normal 24-year-old person is only 6 years old if his/her birthday falls on today! But he/she must also be feeling upset because they only celebrate their birthdays and get birthday presents every 4 freaking years! Their friends and relatives must be very happy though haha because they can save money. The boyfriends of such birthday girls must be thinking that they are super lucky because 1) it’s hard to forget her birthday when it’s on such a unique day; 2) even if they do forget, it’s ok because 3 out of 4 years won’t have 29th Feb anyway! So it’s once in 4 years that they forget about it and kana scolded by their girlfriends; 3) Buying presents for girls can be a pain in the ass for guys, so hey, only have to buy a present once every 4 years too! Plus there’s the money-saving factor too haha.

a leap year hehe

Well, work has been really boring for the whole of this week, so I brought my Casio Ixus 860IS to work today.

My usual day at work always, always begins with a satisfying breakfast!

Now, everyone should eat breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. I know that a lot of people have no habit of eating breakfast, too lazy to do so or claim to have no appetite for breakfast. I even have a colleague who wanted to skip breakfast because she wants to lose weight. I was like, did you know that studies have shown that people who eat breakfast turn out to weigh less. It’s true! So if you want to lose weight, you should cut down your calorie intake for lunch or dinner, not breakfast. *tsk tsk

This is my work station. Messy? Well, can’t help it when it’s the middle of the day. Besides, I’ve loads of documents and so limited space. I’ve so many documents that I keep them in boxes and stuff the boxes right under my table!

Don’t be surprised because everyone else has boxes under their tables too. Storage space is quite limited here, especially when we’ve several people squeezed into a small cubicle!

My colleague’s incredibly packed space under her work desk

Luckily for me, my legs are short so I still have ample space for my legs and I stretch my legs over a box when I feel like haha. The other time, I’d a male colleague sharing my table for a short period of time and the boxes drove him made because he’s like 180cm tall and there’s absolutely no space for his legs! Even so, he had to bear with it as there’s simply no space to shift the boxes to haha.

This pair of cute pumps is a great buy, so I simply bought it to leave at the office so that I can change into these flat pumps when I’m here at work. I wear heels to work but I can’t possibly wear them all the time as my feet will feel sore even if I don’t walk around much. I usually take off my heels once I sit down but it becomes a hassle to put them on when I only need to go to the ladies or photocopying machine, because my heels usually come with buckles and hooks. Besides all this heel-wearing is making my legs too stiff for yoga, and is generally very bad for health anyway, so after more than a year at this job, I finally bought a pair of flats.

See, it’s really flat:

As compared to my usual pair of heels:

Oh, this is a very pretty calender from Olympus which a kind colleague gave me. It has gorgeous photographs of wildlife in the Kaziranga National Park!

On the page for March

For the month of April  

Haha I also have this vintage-looking poster on my cubicle wall that says something like “Health – The value of health surpasses that of reputation and wealth.” which is not only very true, but very apt for my job too. My boss saw it once and he loved it too. So funny.

I also have cutesy stuff on my workstation:

This was a present from Diz years ago. It’s so cute just dangling there now, but sadly, it’s also slowly gathering dust haha!

This was a parting gift from some attachment students. They were so sweet. 🙂 I didn’t bother to take it home and I thought it would be a good company for me here haha.

This is my new mug for the brand new year, in good old country style haha!

Last but not least, my brand new organiser for 2008, a lovely white-leathered one bought from Kinokuniya! It cost me quite a bit but it’s really beautiful with all the gold metal parts. I even found a matching pen at home, which was an old Teachers’ Day present from Ah-boy haha!

Doesn’t my usual work day seem totally uninteresting? But whatever! Today’s Friday! TGIF!!!~ Plus I’m going off soon, so hurrays!!