I bought my mum a pretty nice gift last Friday. The occasion? Nope, Mothers’ Day isn’t around the corner. Neither is it her birthday which is in December. There’s actually no occasion, but there’s a reason, a really simple one. I bought her a new watch because her Swatch one is really old as she wears it every day. This means that she doesn’t have a nicer one to wear on special occasions like wedding dinners, family gatherings or going to the town. It also happens that GUESS has a new gorgeous series with lots of flower details, which I thought she would like.

Indeed, I showed her the picture and she commented that it’s very pretty. Then she asked me “slyly” if I was going to buy it for her. Actually I did have the intention, otherwise I wouldn’t have 自讨没趣 and asked her haha. I told her, yes, why not, after all yours is already very worn out. My mum’s really endearing in the sense that she will never ask us to buy anything for her, but whenever one of us volunteer to pay for it, she will be too happy to refuse haha, regardless of the price. 她真的很厉害 because all the more we will pay for her haha. To date, I’ve paid for a fair share of clothes, all her new shoes, the washing machine (and my mum’s probably the one who spoilt the old one which was really expensive haha), her Jeff Chang concert ticket (just so there’s someone to accompany my sis, a huge Jeff Chang fan, to watch the concert) etc. My mum’s not greedy though. I keep wanting to buy her a bag but she says it’s unnecessary as she already has one which is a birthday gift from us. Just one bag is enough for my mum. However, the same doesn’t apply to me haha – one bag in each colour is more like it.

Honestly, there’s no reason why not to spend money on our parents when they’ve spent so much money on us all those years before we start working. And why only pick special days to give a gift? We should show that we love and care for them at every opportunity.

Anyway this is the GUESS watch I bought for Mummy. She was genuinely surprised when I brought it home just a couple of days after mentioning it. Perhaps she didn’t think I would really buy it? But I don’t make empty promises haha.  

We wonder if it was meant for Valentine’s Day because it came in a lovely silver heart-shaped box. The sales girl took great pain to put it all together nicely and I was thinking, it’s ok, it’s just for my mum and we are going to pull everything apart once I reach ome anyway haha. The same day I went to Takashimaya to buy a scarf (oh ya, must take photos and post haha), the poor sales girl was attending to this 老板娘 who to be fair wasn’t demanding. She bought 2 scarves as presents for 2 foreign VIPs and requested to have the gifts put in boxes. After the sales girl had taken great efforts to do so, the 老板娘 decided that the gifts weren’t presentable enough and requested for them to be wrapped up, so the poor girl had to busy herself crazy trying to wrap the boxes up swiftly. All that while, poor me was looking through the stuff myself without any assistance offered, but I understood so I waited patiently until she was available. After I decided on my purchase, she asked if I would like to wrap it up and I looked at the poor girl, laughed and said, “Just anyhow wrap it up for me.” Of course she still put the scarf neatly into a nice paper envelope. Good service, I must say. 🙂

The watch is silver with flowers along the chain. The flower petals are made of crystals! Feminine and elegant. 🙂 The same design also comes in gold and pink. Girls who love pink and hmm, flowers, will doubtlessly love the pink one.

Sitting very prettily on my mum’s hand

I think my mum’s very happy about her present. She should, since the watch cost me S$248 (-.-). But knowing my mum’s character, it’s definitely a worthy purchase. She would probably use it until all the crystals drop off haha, and still refuse to get a new one!

And there were surprises accompanying the watch!

I got a heart-shaped keychain and a heart-shaped pouch, both in silver (matching the box haha)! So happy! 🙂 Even though I’ve no current use for them, just possessing and looking at them make me happy.