If you haven’t really heard, well, please thank me for kindly providing you the link. This is the article written by Dawn Yang on her take on this topic: Bad Boy Edison Chen succumbs to public pressure and says he’s quitting the HK scene. What is your take on the whole sordid affair? It was posted on her star blog on the STOMP website.  


So why is there such a big hoo-ha over this seemingly normal blog entry? After all, loads of people all over the globe are blogging about the Edison Chen sex scandal that broke out early this year, but none made it to the newspapers. Well, I guess we all have SPH to thank, in particular LianHe WanBao. Not sure if the article was on other newspapers, but I only read it on WanBao. It would be terribly hard to miss it given that it was the headlines probably a few days ago, big bold and striking on the cover page. Even when I saw it, I was like asking my mum repeatedly, “真的吗?”

How the hell could a blog entry on STOMP make its way to the headlines?

The section of the blog which drew attention was hardly 10% of the entire blog entry, but hey, when it’s juicy, we can’t miss it.

*** says: how bout u come to town on the 29th

*** says: 19th i mean

xxx says: as in hk?

*** says: yeah we maybe get a nice suite

*** says: and get freeky all night and day

*** says: heheh how bout it will u do it wid me babee

Yeay, you would have guessed. *** is Edison Chen and xxx is Dawn Yang.

whom I think is a hot babe even though I’m straight (like really really straight)

So the male lead in all the sex scandal photos (and unreleased videos) had once made an indecent proposal to our local blogger celebrity way back in 2004. Ok, maybe not once but I won’t know, will I? Anyway she merely brought it up since the topic was apt. A lot of readers are accusing her of seeking attention. I’m on her side as I think if she really wanted so, she could have brought this up when it happened then and bragged about it. After all, Edison Chen was already a very hot star back then. And she was younger then, so there was a higher chance of being more immature. If it’s another local blogger celebrity, even though I’m reluctant to call her a “celebrity”, *cough* xiaxue *cough*, c’mon you know she would have boasted about it day and night from 2004 till 2008.

While I do read LianHe WanBao, lately I find it very distasteful that the paper keeps making headlines out of bloggers’ blog posts, regardless whether the news is worthy of being published and distributed. Take for example, Xiaxue. While I’m not a fan, I must admit that the journalists keep making molehills out of her blog entries and she doesn’t deserve it. The most recent one is the one where she joked about having gone through a sex change, which I’d glanced at and found it such an uninteresting entry that I didn’t want to waste my time reading it. I mean, seriously, journalists are university graduates who are capable of differentiating a joke from reality, right?? I won’t believe that they honestly thought  that she had such a operation. My only explanation is that they probably loathe her and want to make thing difficult for her while at the same time, able to hand in their assignments on time haha.  

I know that journalists here in Singapore are very 可怜 because Singapore is so safe and peaceful that they’ve nothing exciting to write about. And while there is definitely dirt within the local entertainment circle, there’s such strict protection over the local celebrities that the journalists can’t write about those as well. For example, I’ve my fair share of gossip over the male celebrities rumoured to be homosexual (which in my opinon is not wrong), which would make juicy news in, say, even Hollywood. But locally, perhaps also due to the law, such news would never make it to the newspapers.  

I actually have a friend who’s a journalist at LianHe Wanbao and she has personally warned me about writing explosive or controversial stuff on my blog because the journalists are constantly looking for interesting bits that they can submit as their next assignments. Which is exactly why I never write about my work or the office politics here haha. Especially when the people involved are high up on their corporate ladder and well-known in their field.

So even though the HOD is a real bitch and I would slam dunk her head into the basket like how Jay Chou slam dunked in the movie “Kungfu Dunk” (minus slamming my own face into the board), leaving her dangling in mid-air and hanging onto her worthless life on the rim while pleading pathetically for help, I still won’t say what her name is.