Ahhhhhh….watching a damn hilarious TV series by the ever adorable Kenichi Matsuyama!!!!!~

It’s his most recent TV series although it was aired on Japan NTV in 2007: Sexy Voice and Robo!!!!~ 

I know, what kind of name is that, right?? But it’s a damn great show!!! Here’s its official site though I can’t understand a single word because everything’s in Japanese! *urgh*

It’s actually adapted from a very popular manga of the same name, which won an Excellence Prize at the 2001 Japan Media Arts Festival and has received critical acclaim around the world. The story in the TV show is slightly different from that of the manga. It tells of a mature middle school female student, Hayashi Niko, who has a heightened hearing that can differentiate all the sounds around her to pick out the location of a particular person, and the ability to mimic the voice of anyone she encounters. Super talented girl, she is. Kenichi Matsuyama, on the other hand, plays the character Sudo Ichiro who is an immature Otaku (宅男) who is obsessed with toy robots. By chance, they meet a great spy and become her students, forming Sexy Voice (Niko) and Robo (Ichiro), a spy team that solves various cases.

Kenichi is superb in the show, I can tell you! Absolutely different from his role as L in the Death Note! This guy’s super talented! There’s no hint of L when he’s playing Robo. When he’s L, he’s totally convincing as the super intelligent and calm young detective with loads of queer habits; and when he’s Robo, he’s just this weird otaku who loves his robots to death and is trapped in his own world! 

I’ve only watched the first episode so far (there’s a total of 11) and his character honestly cracked me up! Ah, I mean just look at his clothes. Super otaku lah! And then his love for robots is simply crazy! He has a huuuuggggeeee store of robots at his place and he knows exactly what each robot is, the theme song and the lines to say! It’s completely nuts!!! And other than robots, the thing he loves most is…women!!! Except that he’s really bad at getting any, and you don’t need to have an IQ over 100 to know why haha!

Perhaps a dream for some guys out there as well….
“Wow…” is honestly an understatement. (-.-)
Needless to say…

Ta boleh tahan lah! Soooo cute!

Anyway this is the first part of the first episode on YouTube. Enjoy it! The resolution is quite good, I must say, so it’s a joy to watch. Plus there’s English subtitles!! Thank God!!!~

Bahhhhh! So kawaiiiiiii!!!~