Last Saturday, my 姐妹s and I got together for dinner to have an early birthday celebration for Ser and SQ. The last time we tried to have dinner at Pasta de Waraku, we didn’t go in the end as it was fully booked. This time round, we didn’t manage to reserve a table again, even though I called the restaurant on Thursday (-.-). However, as we had time on our hands to spare before we headed to MoS, we decided to walk in.

Darn, we did have to wait for an hour before we finally had a table for 5! All the time while we were outside, we were joking like siao char bors about how the manager could let 5 美女s stand and wait outside for sooo long haha! *sigh* We are such deluded siao char bors. But honestly, I think the delicious food is definitely worth the wait! Even though it would be much wiser to make a reservation many days before haha.

The Pasta de Waraku we went to is the branch at The Central (#02-82/83) and it’s a pretty small outlet, but you can find branches at Marina Square (#03-257) and Novena SQUARE 2 (#01-07). I heard from my sis who does part-time at another restaurant at Novena that the SQUARE 2 branch is quite empty. Anyway the most fascinating thing about Pasta de Waraku is its extensive menu!!!~ If you don’t believe me, take a look here!

Honestly, I’m not a pasta person. In fact, I don’t eat any kind of pasta at all, let it be the common spaghetti, fusilli or linguine. I do eat macaroni with chicken broth once in a blue moon when there’s nothing much to eat, but to be truthful, I don’t enjoy macaroni either. The only pasta I actually like is lasagne! Especially beef!!! *yum yum* But there’s so many other choices at Pasta de Waraku that I don’t have to worry about not having anything to order! For example, there’s a variety of baked rice to choose from, though in the end I picked a fried rice with bacon (curry flavoured). It was absolutely tasty!!!

The serving might be a tad too small for guys but as my appetite is quite small, the fried rice was just enough to make me feel satisfied without being overfull! Plus the rice has a curry flavour to it and I love curry and anything spicy, so it was really stimulating for my tongue! Initially I thought it might be a bit boring to just have bacon because I like my fried rice with chicken, prawns, vegetables, egg haha. But I still enjoyed the dish immensely especially with the tiny carrot bits in the rice that were very crunchy and gave a different feel to the fried rice. I would give it a 9.5 out of 10, minus 0.5 perhaps for the serving size.

Let’s look at what the other girls had!

This is Diz’s Spicy Prawn Carbonara. The prawns were super Q and succulent! *thiong thiong*

This is Cyn’s Bacon and Vegetable Soup Pasta (Tomato sauce). I tried the soup and it wasn’t too thick or thin, so it was quite good even though I don’t like tomato. Haha I know, I know, I’m fussy!! Lately I keep having my colleagues nag at me for being a fussy eater after knowing that I don’t eat this and that haha. Anyway, the dish is served in a ridiculously huge bowl that’s shaped like a hat haha! So hilarious!

This is Ser’s Scallop and Chicken Baked Rice. Again, it’s a really small serving, in a really small plate that will make you drop your jaw in surprise. But I think it was really yummy as Ser didn’t talk much once her dish arrived and was fully concentrated on eating haha.

This is SQ’s Chicken and Mushroom Pasta, which she really didn’t like because she ordered the wrong dish haha! But she finished it nevertheless so it couldn’t be too bad haha.

And after dinner, which we gobbled everything up really swiftly because we were all soooo damn hungry after the hour of waiting, we still had time on our hands so we ordered dessert as we felt bad occupying the table without ordering anything else. Introducing to everyone, the Orea Banana Parfat:

Well, what can I say? I love Cookies and Cream ice cream and I love banana too!!!~ And there was crunchy cornflakes at the bottom of the cup! Whoever thought of the idea of mixing ice cream and cornflakes together is a genius! Of course the dessert was yummylicious! Just look at all those spoons waiting to attack the dessert after I finished the snapshot!

The next time I buy a tub of ice cream home, I must remember to buy cornflakes too!

In conclusion, we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Pasta de Waraku and I can’t wait to visit the restaurant again! 🙂

After dinner, we headed over to MoS where YY still had 2 unfinished bottles of liquor. The waiter was kind enough to find us a table and we were so glad to rest our tired feet and enjoy our drinks before fellow clubbers started filling up the dance floor and we joined them to boogie! Didn’t bring my camera in as I didn’t know where to put my camera (hmm stuff into my jeans pocket??), so there’s no photos to share with you all. I think we all had a bit too much to drink, so even though it was Trance at the Main Arena, we all managed to get really high. But to be fair, I think the guest DJ was spinning some cool stuff even though it was Trance. And a staff was tossing free light sticks from a stage. It was so funny cause our table was right beside the stage and the staff looked like she was feeding fish to the penguins haha! Everyone was like waving their hands, clapping and doing everything else to catch her attention so that she would throw them a light stick.

After we finished our drinks, it was almost 1am. Gosh, time does pass super fast when one’s having a great time! Anyway we finally headed over to Smoove where, as usual, the place was crammed like hell. I think the MoS people are really kind of stupid. Why on Earth did they use such a small room for the hip-hop area? The Main Arena’s like more than 3 times bigger and it’s always quite empty because it’s usually playing Trance. Everyone else is usually at Smoove. I think if you are looking at 3 years ago, there was probably much more people who would dance to Trance, especially when we had all the ah-bengs back in those days. Not a lot of people were listening to hip-hop and R&B like me. Which would also explain why Phuture occupies such a small dance area at Zouk too. But this is 2008! Many many more people are now exposed to the hip-hop culture which wasn’t this big years ago, and they are all bouncing to hip-hop music now.

So if the MoS management isn’t blind, they should be able to see that more people are at Smoove than at Main Arena, or even 54 (where the retro music can hardly be compared to the good old Mambo nights at Zouk). Why not switch the music played at Smoove and Main Arena? In this way, the clubbers have much more space to dance to. In Smoove on Friday and Saturday nights, we are all packed like sardines. Siao leh, lidat how to dance. (-.-) I know on Thursday nights, Smoove moves into the Main Arena, but hey, that’s Thursday! Who the hell can go clubbing on Thursdays except for students?

Wah angry leh. But still, can’t wait to visit MoS on a Thursday night! Smoove at the Main Arena, that should be way cool