I’d the strangest a strange dream last night. Well, can’t say that it’s the strangest because I dreamt of a trip to the Afterworld once, where fellow passengers on the bus I was on were the deceased and people (both dead, that’s everyone else, and living, that would just be me) crossed the road by walking backwards. The day after that dream I could still remember vividly the face of one of the deceased and how sad I felt for him (probably died of a wrongful death). Now I can’t recall much. Did I say that I’ve a bad memory? Darn, I can’t remember. (-.-)

Anyway last night I dreamt that my sisters and I were at home where our whole block shook severely. I think the tremors were due to some earthquake happening at Indonesia, except that it really felt like an earthquake hit our tiny island. Geographically, of course that wouldn’t be possible in real life. In the dream, all the buildings were shaking left and right so vigourously and yet the buildings didn’t collapse, as if the buildings were made of rubber haha. We did what the sensible and well-trained citizens would do – we ran downstairs and gathered at an open space with everyone else.

Can’t recall if we took the lift or the stairs though because in the dream, one moment we were upstairs and the next moment, we were at the ground level. That’s how dreams are like, at least for mine, they’re quite fragmented. Anyway you are supposed to take the staircase when there’s an earthquake, not the lift. Not that an earthquake will hit Singapore anytime but just remember this haha.

I know why I dreamt of this. It’s because never in my life, in my 24 years on Planet Earth, have I ever felt the tremors of an earthquake. Honestly, there’s nothing to be sad about. Living in an earthquake-prone zone like the Indonesian archipelago on the Pacific Ring of Fire is highly unfortunate, but you know how in Singapore, parts of the island can feel the tremors whenever an earthquake hits our neighbour Indonesia? Firstly, I live in AMK and the tremors don’t reach our area. At least no one in our area has ever reported of that. Secondly, even if I’m in a particular area at a particular time when the tremors can be felt, I can’t feel it!!!

Seriously! I think sometime last September, a series of earthquakes struck Sumatra, Indonesia, the tremors were so bad in Singapore for the first time that it caused minor panic and many people evacuated their high-rise office buildings. The funny thing is that I was at work then and my 8-storey office building shook violently too. My colleagues and I were doing work on my computers then when my colleagues started complaining that the whole room was shaking. One of the girls and I somehow didn’t feel anything at all and joked how the rest must be too tired. (-.-) Only later did we realise that there were indeed tremors affecting our area!      

It’s incredible! I was just right there and I couldn’t sense any movement! (-.-) Needless to say, I was terribly disappointed that day.

A powerful earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale hit Sumatra yeaterday, followed by two strong aftershocks at the same area hours later, the first measuring 6.7 and the second 6.9. Luckily there was no threat of a widespread destructive tsunami from the aftershocks, nor any report of damage or casualty. Similarly, the tremors were reported to be felt in parts of Singapore. As usual, I wasn’t part of the group of Singaporeans who felt the tremors. That might explain my dream.

Anyway I woke up after the dream and saw on my alarm clock that it was 5:10am. This time was of no significance until I heard the news this morning. Apparently, the 6.9-magnitude aftershock struck Sumatra (about 580km from Singapore) at 5.02am local time and people on our island have experienced tremors! *gasp* Could I really have felt the tremors and hence my dream???

Hmm, wait a minute. The report said that “tremors were felt in Geylang, Marine Parade and St George’s Lane Tuesday morning”. Eh, how come no AMK??

It’s true then.

I will feel the tremors. Only in my dreams. (-.-)