I was crazy last week and caught TWO movies on two different nights. To be fair, both movies were on my to-watch list so I would have bought tickets to watch them sooner or later, and it won’t have cost differently to have watched both in the same week or not. But may I complain that watching movies in the local theatres is expensive!!! *sigh* A single movie usually costs me about $10 when one pays $7 – $9.50 for a ticket and $2.60 for a drink. $10!!! I could have eaten 5 plates of chicken rice at the staff canteen!!! (-.-)

No wonder there has been an increasing number of people who turn to piracy. My colleagues called me stupid to waste money to watch movies in the cinema. I must clarify one thing: it’s not a waste of money to spend money to watch movies in the cinema. It’s a totally different experience to watch a movie in the theatre where the screen is huge-ass and you can even see the actor’s nostril hairs, as compared to watching one on your home TV or, even worse, your laptop. Everything becomes so small and sometimes you won’t be able to catch the actor’s facial expression which can tell a thousand words without him saying a single word. Besides, the sound system is different too.

As long as I can’t afford a home theater system, complete with Dolby surround sound system, to offer me a genuine cinematic experience while watching the dvd in the comfort of my living room, I will be drawing money out of my wallet every other month to catch a movie.

Besides, piracy is wrong. Be HIP today!

Anyway the two movies I watched were “Jumper” and “L: Change The World“. Honestly, I feel that “Jumper” isn’t worth much of a mention. If not for the teleportation factor (which is totally cool on its own), I don’t think it’s worth spending money to watch at the theatre. Unless of course tickets only cost $1. Hayden Christensen isn’t charming at all in the movie and doesn’t catch my eye. Even my favourite Rachel Bilson’s performance in it couldn’t be called acting at all. It’s all quite like a high school play. Samuel L Jackson was scary as hell as Roland. If that’s what he was aiming for, well, you got it, man. Surprisingly, the only character who made me take a second look was Jamie Bell (Griffin).

If you don’t remember who Jamie Bell is, perhaps Billy Elliot (2000) would ring a bell. Erm, pun not intended. Yes, he was Billy Elliot himself! The movie told of a eleven-year old boy who didn’t like the brutal boxing lessons at school and instead fell for the girls’ ballet lessons. Obstacles awaited him as his folks disapproved but Billy overcame one hurdle after another and eventually got an audition for the Royal Ballet School with help and support from his ballet teacher. Well, I didn’t watch the movie haha, but it was nominated for Oscars and did win many awards.

God, he was only 14 then! See how geeky he was! Eh, but nowadays geeks are very “in”, thanks to Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) from “Heroes“.

8 years later and Jamie Bell now looks like this:


Well, nowhere near “handsome” for my taste, but no longer geeky. Ohhh, too bad! Geeks are cool these days!!! But honestly, for goodness sake, kids grow up so fast!!! Just look at Daniel Radcliffe! 7 years ago, he was still this scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled but adorable little boy with a lightening-shaped scar on his forehead. Now, he has bared it all for the audience to see! Oh, my eyes, my eyes!~ *frantically finding anything to cover my eyes* I don’t think I’m ready to see little Harry Potter yet. Otherwise I can never watch Harry Potter movies again without trying to convince myself that he’s really a genius wizard with a kind heart but tormented past.


And guess who has replaced Daniel Radcliffe as the troubled stable boy Alan Strang in the play “Equus“?

Well, it’s Jamie Bell. Ahhhh, my eyes, my eyes!~ I don’t wish to see little Billy Elliot too…

On the other hand, “L: Change The World” was brilliant!!!~

Kenichi Matsuyama as “L” is really superb!!!!!~

He IS “L” what! Who is he trying to bluff that he’s not???

What do I like about L? Wait, what do I not like about him??? This guy is totally fabulous!!!!~

This is probably what we call 盲目 haha.

But in this spin-off, we get to see a much more humane and softer side of L that makes us 姐姐们 want to protect him even more haha. I love the scene where he dealt with the Thai boy for the first time, how he tried using his favourite food to coax him, perhaps thinking that it’s impossible that no one won’t love some kueh lapis, donuts, marshmallow on a skewer. HAHA!!!~ I’ve no sweet tooth or whatsoever, so seeing all those marshmallow, chocolate fondue, lollipops and sugar cubes was a bit disgusting. Considering that I put 3 packs of sugar in a single cup of tea, an action which makes my friends and colleagues start cringing and warning me about diabetes, it might sound kind of weird. But honestly, how does one drink tea without putting enough sugar so that it actually tastes sweet?! Tea with no sugar tastes like drain water!  

And the even funnier part is when the girl first came to look for him, you can see him automatically taking a skewer and heading over to his store of sweet goodies, before presenting another of his kebab-inspired works to the girl! Who of course rejected his kindness just like the boy haha.  

It was a touching movie despite the poor reviews haha. But even the critics said it wasn’t L‘s fault and the character was still brilliant in the movie. I really don’t understand why L must die! I mean, I know why he died but why must he die?! Couldn’t the script writer have L resolve the Kira case in some other way, other than writing his own name in the Death Note??! *sigh* I know I’m being unreasonable.

Anyway I’ve heard how some people complained that they felt like they’ve been deceived after seeing Kenichi Matsuyama sans the makeup. They described it as equivalent to Orlando Bloom and Legolas. Excuse me, where got so jialet. Matsuyama is still cute, okay. After seeing Orlando Bloom for the first time without his Legolas getup, I was like “huh, you mean that is Legolas, the handsome elf prince with blonde hair??” Wah felt damn cheated.

Kenichi Matsuyama, while not typically handsome (even according to Japanese standards), is still a good-looking and adorable young fellow. Only 22, he’s already a famous actor in Japan, best known for his portrayal as L in the Death Note series and spin-off, as well as his affinity for queer characters. A bit like the Japanese version of Johnny Depp if you would ask me. Which is better than just looking like, say, Brad Pitt, even though 我左看右看,都不觉的帅.  





I actually like the scruffy look he spots these days, especially in the interview that’s showing on TV during the advertisement for the movie.

Somehow I’ve a feeling that I would think he’s cute even if he’s in a bunny suit.