In happier news, my family and I joined (four) millions of fellow citizens across our 700 square kilometre island in suspense and anticipation last evening at 7pm as IOC president Jacques Rogge announced the winner of the bid to host the first Youth Olympic Games during the live telecast of a ceremony at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. My xiao-mei and I crossed our fingers and at the moment of truth, yelled loud “yeah“s of triumph and pride with our hands held out wide as our very own Singapore was chosen as the host.

*sigh* The two of us are such patriots haha. We take after our mum. Honestly, my heart swelled with immense pride at that moment. Even though I was also yelling “money, money, money” with my fingers doing the universal sign for money haha. No doubt this event will mean huge buckets of money rolling in for our country. And hopefully eventually a part of the money will run into the citizens’ pockets as some form of financial package like the GST offset haha.

But I’m also happy that a small country like us (even though we are very rich HAHA) can get to hold an Olympics event despite this Youth one being on a much smaller scale. It says a lot about the status of our country on the globe and hopefully everyone can get to know more about Singapore, so that no silly ang moh will still think that Singapore is somewhere in China and we can’t speak English. For goodness sake, we have one of the best airport and airline in the world and the busiest port, and there can still be educated people who have Internet access and yet don’t know about Singapore. 井底之蛙! 

My da-mei was not at all affected by the good news and shrugged off our excitement non-chalently. “有什么好惊讶的? 我们一定赢的吗。” She didn’t even give a small exclamation of excitement or delight. She just continued using the laptop as if our country wins the bid for Olympics every other year. (-.-) Well, can’t help it. Somehow she takes after my dad, ie anti-PAP, though even my dad looked happy. But maybe he was thinking about the money.

Anyway, in a postal vote of IOC members, Singapore beat Moscow 53-44 to win the bid and will host the first Youth Olympic Games in 2010. The Youth Games will feature about 3,200 athletes aged 14-18 competing in 26 sports. We have just started building the 423-million U.S. dollars University Town which will include Singapore’s first six residential colleges with living quarters and tutorial rooms for gifted students and tutors, along with two graduate residences, and will be used as the Youth Olympics Village. Works will be completed by 2010. Just in time!

On the other hand, I thought we would use our National Stadium that is currently being developed into a sports complex with a 50,000-seat arena. But it appears that we’ve decided to use our Bishan stadium which hosts soccer games and athletics competitions and is being upgraded to hold 10,000 seats. Apparently, the IOC didn’t want big stadiums and wanted to create a more comfortable atmosphere for the young athletes, so we are planning to use existing facilities.

The IOC won’t regret giving their votes to us because we definitely have all it takes to host an international event. We are a pretty country with good social security and generally polite citizens who mostly can speak English. And our public signs are all in proper, understandable English, unlike China haha. If you ask me, I kind of worry for Beijing’s preparations for the 2008 Olympics. It’s coming in August. Are they really ready?? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Some final words before I go for my half day to settle some personal stuff:

Congratulations, Singapore! I’m very proud of you! *muacks muacks*