Edison Chen has finally found the guts to return to Hong Kong after weeks of hiding away in the USA! 

Even though it was very cowardly of him to return admist the buzz surrounding the death of Lydia Shum, knowing that attention had been drawn briefly from himself. No doubt he must have felt safe enough to drag his ass back. Rumours had it that he had negotiated with the police via his lawyers for 24-hour police protection, a safe house and a guarantee of his status as a witness. Although according to the newspaper, the police have agreed to the first request if circumstances require, but have refused to commit to the second or third.

I think negotiations must have been done on the other side of the law as well. You know, with the HK triads. After all, it’s also out on the streets that a senior member of a triad society had offered HK$500,000 to have that scum’s hand chopped off. However, it was also reported that no one had dared to take up the offer. I think Edison’s side would have settled that too. As long as you’ve the money, honestly what doesn’t run in the entertainment industry?

What I really don’t understand is: why the hand?? My sis said it’s because he used his hand to hold the camera and take the videos/photos. Erm, I’ve seen the photos so I would think that he had placed the camera on some stand. Personally, I think if any part of his body should be chopped off, it’s his you-know-where. That should be the greatest insult and injury to him, and his infinitely huge ego, oh, and his sex drive. In the future, he really has to take out the photos to remember the good old days when he still has that to use haha.

Anyway, surprise, surprise to his fans, Edison Chen said in his first public appearance yesterday after his return that he will leave the Hong Kong entertainment industry. The Canada-born Chinese admitted that he snapped most of the more than 800 nude pictures that have circulated on the Internet. The nude photos show him with dozens of female celebrities, including Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung.

“I’ve decided to step away from the Hong Kong entertainment industry,” Edison told more than 300 reporters at a news conference at Hong Kong Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre at 3pm yesterday. He said in a brief statement in English that he would fulfill existing commitments before stepping down “indefinitely.” He also apologised to the stupid girls female counterparts in the photos, “I’m sorry to those ladies and their families.” And I think he said sorry to his family too.

He also said some dumb stuff, as usual, in his 5-minute speech, like “These photos were very private and have not been shown to people and were never intended to be shown to anyone.”, “I have failed as a role model.” I mean, seriously?? Since when’s Edison a role model for anyone but playboys and scums of the Earth anyway??

He said he will perform charity work in the next few months “to heal his injuries and soul” before stepping away as he has “decided to do this to give myself an opportunity to heal myself and to search my soul. I hope his definition of charity work isn’t consoling lonely pretty girls on the bed.

Is this entire affair coming to an end? Oh, so soon! I was hoping to see more. After all, it has been a pretty eventful start to the year thanks to this scandal haha. But is Edison really going to get away from this big hoo-ha unharmed and in one whole piece? Well, we shall see haha. Personally I hope that something more terrible will happen to him as a punishment. I know, I’m such an evil person, but everytime I see his news on the papers, I’ll be like, “他死了没?!” and feel a bit (to emphasize that I’m not that evil) disappointed when he’s not. But the logical side of me tells me that he wouldn’t have dared to return to HK had he not resolve the situation beforehand. Chances are that part of the deal would be for him to leave the entertainment industry.

But honestly, so what if he leaves? His guy’s born with a silver spoon in his mouth and at the age of 27, he already has his own business (clothing company, CLOT Inc, and multi-media company, Clot Media Divison). He’s on his own way to becoming a millionaire in his own rights. He doesn’t have to be in the entertainment industry to make it rich, and definitely not an issue when it comes to getting into girls’ pants. He can still make his sex videos with Gilian Chung if she still wants to. But I doubt so because Gilian has found another rich boyfriend (even though not as good-looking), Juno Mak, who has stood by her despite all the negative news. The two have been rumoured lately to have gotten hitched.


Even if all’s over and well for Edison Chen, we can still wait and see what happens for the female celebrities involved. Will Nicholas Tse divorce his wife? Will Twins spilt up should the public continues to bombard Gilian? Will Gilian quit the industry as well, marry Juno and become a tai-tai? That’s quite a lot to anticipate haha. Perfect for a kaypoh Singaporean like me. 😉