Woot! I’m sick! Kinda feeling like shit now and it’s already Sunday which means that tomorrow I’ve to go back to work. *yucks* But never mind, life still has to go on haha.

A small Valentine’s Day gift from Diz! Isn’t it adorable? It’s a Hello Kitty Mallow Pop from Candy Empire! Hell, it even has its own website!

Really have no idea how I’m supposed to eat it! How does one eat something that looks so cuuuuttteeee? Should I start from the ears or the feet??

It’s like telling me, “Pleeaaassseee don’t eat me!” If only I could preserve it. However, the expiry date is in April which means I’ve to finish it soon or it’ll go to waste. Sorry, baby, but I’ll have to eat you haha.

Last Friday when I passed by HMV at Citylink, I popped in the shop, on an impulse to buy a CD as I felt that I’d been listening to the same old stuff on my mp3 player recently. I don’t usually buy CDs haha. That doesn’t mean that I download music illegally! I actually enjoy listening to the radio because that’s how I get updated on the latest hits. And 987fm DJs are generally very humorous. In fact, I can’t even remember my last CD. I have the Linkin Park ones (definitely!), an Eminem one, one Usher, a rock compilation, the Fort Minor one, and the Jay Z-Linkin Park collaboration. And probably some other CDs which I can’t remember offhand. But this time round, it took me only 2 minutes to spot a CD which I thought I would love, and after listening to the tracks on the player, I bought it without any hesitation!

Introducing to everyone, SHODOWN which comprises of 25 iron-hot hip-hop songs mixed by MoS resident DJs and DMC champions, DJ Rattle (Singapore) & DJ Tang (UK)! You can read their profiles at the MoS website.

This album totally rocks! I’ve been listening it since I bought it! Still listening to it now!

Ok, gotta go and watch boh-liao videos on YouTube liao!