Oh I wanted to post this for the longest time ever since I read about it in the newspapers but I kept on forgetting about it. Once again showing signs of early onset dementia haha.

Anyway this is a clip from the Taiwanese talkshow 《康熙来了》where the celebrities invited mocked about Singaporean English. Honestly??! Since when is it the Taiwanese‘s turn to laugh at other countries’ English?! For a country whose national language is Chinese and yet the people can’t even speak proper Chinese (just look at the greatest laughing stock of Taiwan, President 陈水扁 and you’ll know *hrmph*), those stupid Taiwanese doesn’t even have the ability to make one complete sentence in English and they dare to look down on our English?!

Sorry but I really feel insulted.

If you have been watching Taiwanese shows like me, then you’ll know how much these people especially the celebrities suck at English. Half of the time, I don’t even know what they are mumbling about when they’re claiming to be speaking in English. Seriously, it’s worse like a 7-year-old child in Singapore. My ah-boy’s sister can spell “animal” at Primary One and converse in English. I bet my entire fortune (which isn’t a lot) that theirs can’t.

And even their subtitles are always wrong. For this particular episode of 《康熙来了》, there was a sentence of English subtitle that was incorrect too. I’ve taken a screen shot of it.

I think you meant “honesty”, you stupid Taiwanese.  

And their so-called English teachers? They aren’t even fit to come to Singapore and teach our kindergarten children English! *hrmph* Taiwanese celebrities who so-called major in the English Language in college and are supposed to speak good English are laughable too. While their English might be much better than their counterparts, I’m sure the Americans can understand our English better than theirs. *hrmph* For example, Jolin Tsai who even published a book that taught simple English and sold numerous copies. Honestly, there was so many structural and grammar mistakes in the book that even our primary school children can pick out.

Ya, that’s right. I’m quite pissed at this. Which Singaporean won’t be if they hear this? Wait till you see the 2049 comments on that page.