Was flipping through the Straits Times this morning and chanced upon an interesting article showing all the amazing manoeuvres which one of the aerobatic flying displays for the Singapore Airshow 2008 will be doing. Then I saw the attached photo of the pilots during a meeting and had to take a second look. Hey, that’s Philip aka Queen of Caldecott Hill Zoe Tay’s hubby!

Ya, go find that picture. Part of his face was actually covered as he’d his hand at his chin like he was in deep thoughts, but I can still recognise him haha. He was looking damn sharp in that picture, plus the fact that he was wearing his uniform. Damn, guys in uniforms always look so gooood. 郑惠玉的老公是帅的咯!

Anyway I always knew that he’s a fighter jet pilot with the RSAF but I didn’t realise that he was in one of the jets that always zoom above us during the NDP! After some research, I found out that he’s with the RSAF Black Knights which comprises of 6 F-16C Fighting Falcons. He’s currently a senior project officer in HQ Tengah Air Base and is the “Lead Solo” for the Black Knights 2008 team with whom he is performing with for the second time.

He’s the one standing on the far right.

The interesting thing is that when you read his profile, it’s stated frankly that he “is married and has two sons“.

Why not be totally frank and write that “LTC Philip is married to Zoe Tay and has two sons” haha. Just a silly thought cause that’s definitely not wise.

But seriously, I can never be married to a pilot, let alone one who flies a fighter jet and does gravity-defying stunts kilometres above ground. It takes nothing but a mere miscalculation, the slightest mistake for a woman to lose her beloved husband *touch wood*. Besides, I’ve a congenital heart problem. You want me to watch him zoom around in the sky in his F-16 on NDP? No way, either I’ll faint first and then die of head injury from rolling down the steps of the stadium, or die from heart failure. Either way, I’ll die!