Woot! Yes, he’s back!

I don’t know how I could have missed it during my post on the upcoming movies in February! The movie “L: Change The World” is going to be released on 21st Feb 2008! Hoorays!!! If you would recall, I became a huge fan of L after catching the Death Note marathon about a year ago. Wait, let me find the blog entry. There, it is!

I’m totally looking forward to this movie, which is a spin-off of the Death Note series! Basically this story tells of the events which took place during the 23 days before L was going to die. What 23 days, you ask, why would he die. This means either you’ve dementia or you haven’t watch the 2 Death Note movies! *gasp* You still have exactly one week! Go buy the dvds and watch now, or watch again to refresh your memory!!!

And because of Death Note, I’m an avid fan of Kenichi Matsuyama!!! He makes L totally rock! I find it hard to explain the infatuation but there’s an irresistable endearing factor about him! I love him from his black eyeliner and dark circle, to the way he holds his teacup and handphone, to the way he keeps on eating disgustingly sweet stuff, to the way he hunches! An unexplainable obsession haha!  

Woot woot woot!!! I might have a thing for 怪咔 after all haha.