Following a memorial at Penrhos College for hundreds of mourners, Heath Ledger’s remains were cremated last Saturday afternoon at Fremantle Cemetery, just outside Perth, Australia.

After the funeral, the attendees headed to the Indiana Tea House on Cottesloe Beach, where they could be seen smoking and drinking beer and red and white wine on the patio of the establishment, which has a spectacular view of the ocean and is one of Ledger’s favorite spots. As the sun began to set, about 200 mourners swept out of the restaurant, tore off their clothes and ran, cheering and laughing, into the ocean. Crumpled suits and formal dresses littered the sand as friends and family members linked arms and splashed about in their underwear.

Michelle Williams, still wearing her cream-colored sundress and black sunglasses, was briefly dragged into the water as everyone cheered. She was then quickly surrounded by a group of mourners, creating a protective circle around the actress. Those in the water then laughed and cheered as Michelle watched from the shore. Ledger’s sister Kate also took a dive into the water and was surrounded by pals splashing around her while her father Kim Ledger watched from the restaurant’s balcony and shouted, “Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!” giving two thumbs up in the air.

As the sun began to set, the swimmers came on shore and stood in a line on both sides of Williams and linked arms. In the last five minutes, as the sun moved toward the horizon, the mourners stood in silence, watching and embracing. Two mourners in the group summoned up the moment as they stood behind Williams.

“The sun goes down on our love,” they said. “But it will never go down on Heathy.”

Tears flowed as the group lapsed into a sombre silence for the final farewell to Ledger.

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What a touching way to send Heath Ledger off. I’m very moved.

Honestly, I’ve given much thought to this before. You know the kind of music the band that consists of uncles in fugly uniforms costumes playing instruments (I’ve seen my fair share of such uncles who can alternate smoothly between smoking and blowing the trumpet -.-) always plays at Chinese funerals? Whenever I hear the music, I’ll be like, “Who’s going to listen to that kind of music by the time my generation starts to die of old age?”

Really, the kind of music they’re playing is only suitable for the elderly of present times. Most of the time, I don’t know what songs those are, except for “世上只有妈妈好” and “小薇”. People of my time listen to 周杰伦, 蔡依林, 杨丞琳, 五月天, just to name a few. Do you think by the time we start to age and die, the funeral band will have learnt how to play 周杰伦’s songs? In my opinion, it seems like a good idea to play “听妈妈的话” at the funeral of a mother, just like how we’ve “世上只有妈妈好” now. And if there’s an abusive father, the band can play “爸,我回来了” haha. 真是”黑色幽默”喔!

I’ve already conveyed my thoughts to my family. For my funeral, the sound system must be as good as those in the clubs and booming hip-hop music haha. No need for a band, but it’ll be cool if I can have a DJ scratching on the stage hohoho. And some b-boys breakdancing on the stage as well. 🙂

Very cool, very me right? But my sister said I’m siao.

“Very expensive, you know!”