More than 200 new photos in the Edison Chen sex scandal saga have been released a few days ago. You can go to the same website which I’ve provided earlier for more updates: The Blemish – Update: Edison Chen has sex pictures.

Is Edison going to be murdered? Yes, I think he might be flogged to death by the HK mafia since if I didn’t remember wrongly, Cecilia Cheung 张柏芝 has a pop who’s a leader of HK mafia. And Edison’s current girlfriend is Vincy who’s the niece of Music Plus (EEG)’s boss Albert Yeung, who was Edison’s previous boss. Boy, these people have complex relationships! Anyway Albert Yeung is said to have mafia affiliations. Well, this is after all Hong Kong. I think everyone rich and famous has some affiliation with the HK mob in one way or another. Or else how do you think they manage to be rich and famous?!

So my conclusion is that Edison Chen is so dead. But currently, sadly he’s still not. Though he might be wishing that he’s dead. Just as Gilian Chung, Cecilia Cheung and Bobo Chan are wishing they are too. Just what kind of a name is Bobo Chan??! Hey wait, isn’t Bobo the name of Zoe Tay’s character in the TV drama 《三面夏娃》 which made her famous?

Even though he has apologized, nothing in this video seems to show that he’s truly sorry. Though of course I might be totally biased. I never really like this guy. Handsome, yes he is. Talents, I don’t see any. But ego, yes, as big as the universe.  

Like what 道明寺 in 《流星花园》always likes to say, “如果道歉有用,还要警察干吗?!”