Today’s 大年初二 and as usual, my family isn’t doing anything special haha.

Every 初一 we’ll gather at our (maternal) grandpa’s place (which is really my 1st uncle’s home as 外公’s staying with his family), and all my mum’s siblings, their children (my cousins), their spouses (my cousins-in-law) and my cousins’ children (my nieces and nephews) will all be there. 今年也不例外. And then for the following days we won’t have to go visiting anymore.

And this year is no exception – CNY‘s still my daddy’s very favourite public holiday haha! Every CNY, he’ll spend loads of time decorating the entire place as well as the plants on the corridor! He’ll even DIY some of the lanterns. For a man like my dad who has the least patience waiting for the green man to come on, for the hawker to serve us our food, for the cleaning auntie at the food centre to clean our table (just to name a few), I always find it extremely remarkable that he has the patience to spend hours to figure out how to make a particular lantern he saw at the AMK central. And he loves jigsaw puzzles. My dad’s indeed a very peculiar man haha.

Doesn’t my home look very very festive???

Anyway my sis just made an interesting discovery. Notice how our flat number is 11-1818. Sounds very auspicious right? Indeed, 11-1818 will be 幺幺 幺八幺八 in Chinese, which sounds like 要要 要发要发!!!!! Seems like we are very desperate to make it big!!! And you know what my dad’s name is? It’s 来发!!!!! But no matter how much it sounds like we want to be rich, 要发也不一定会发!! Cause we haven’t strike the lottery yet haha!

For the reunion dinner this year, we’d it really simple, even though not at all cheap. And I’m saying that cause I ended up paying for it (-.-) but well it’s after all CNY and I can’t expect my parents to pay haha. We’d the KFC Golden Fiesta and Pizza Hut Prosperity Golden Meal (plus a Curry Zazzle Baked Rice)! And don’t be surprised that we met many families who bought the exact stuff home! Because the AMK KFC and Pizza Hut branches are just side by side, and many of us ordered at Pizza Hut before popping over to KFC to purchase our Golden Fiesta. Everyone waiting at Pizza Hut for their orders eventually carried bags of KFC food haha. And I must say that the service at Pizza Hut was impressive. The staff served each of us a glass of Pepsi while we were waiting!

The new Pasta Shrimp Cheez was tasty and according to my family, the new Prosperity Pizza was yummy as heaven too. I didn’t try any because I’d to fall sick with a flu on CNY Eve haha and couldn’t taste anything as a result. But I shall not complain as I was (almost) fit as a fiddle by the next day. 🙂

These are all the familiar dishes which my 外公 cooks every year. I guess you can call them 家传菜 haha except that my mum can’t cook these. They might not look impressive but they are honestly delicious. We always wonder out loud why my mum’s such a bad cook when her dad can spin up a few mean dishes haha.  

And every year at my 外公’s place, we’ll eat until he’s broke haha. No lah, not so 夸张. But we’ll gobble up every goodie that’s on the table. Which is why I think this year my uncle didn’t put any bak gua (肉干) on the table. I think he bought the bak gua but didn’t place it out for us to eat. That miser. As you can see, I’m not exactly fond of this uncle.

We didn’t get to watch any movie yesterday though because GV Jurong Point was all full house, regardless of the timing! Seems like more and more Singaporeans are going to the cinema on Chinese New Year. But we did catch CJ7 today. More about the movie in a later post.

Lastly, to end this entry, it’s time for Cookie Monster to 向大家拜年!