I’m sure by now everyone from Jurong East to Pasir East, from Woodlands to Sentosa would have heard about the Edison Chen (陈冠希) scandal.

If you haven’t, then you are probably a hermit either living on the summit of Bukit Timah Hill (wait, I’ve been there and I’ve never seen you around *scratch head*) or underground, maybe under the MRT Circle Line.

Anyway this being Chinese New Year Eve (anyway, 新年快乐!), I decided to give you all a very big angbao prior to the real affair tomorrow. 

Behold…for this very website carries all the uncensored photos that have been released so far!!!!

The Blemish – Update: Edison Chen has sex pictures

Now for the faint-hearted *hint: people who get traumatized just by watching “Lust, Caution”* (*cough*Cyn*cough*), these photos are highly NSFW. Only click on them to take a better look when you are either in total privacy or comfortable with the people around you chancing upon the photos while you’re looking through.

After seeing the photos, I only have one thing in my mind: CHRIST ALMIGHTLY, IS THAT THING ALIVE DOWN THERE? Kill it! Kill it!

Ok, that’s what the owner of the site said exactly haha, but my sentiments exactly too!

I mean, these are super megastars who probably earns, I don’t know, millions and billions a year and have bags that cost at least my entire monthly salary each. Why can’t these women spend less than a hundred bucks on something we call the Brazilian wax???

Or a shaver (but not very safe) which is less than $10 and can be used for a number of times? Or an epilator which costs no more than $50? Or at least a pair of scissors to trim it?? Shaver, epilator, scissors…sounds familiar, Gilian? Cecilia?

*looks at the bush again and gives up* I think they probably never heard of them before. Unless of course LV comes up with a shaver that’s covered with the famous LV monogram.

Anyway I like how the owner commented that every time he sees these sex scandal pictures, he always feels like he needs a safari hat and machete just to make it through all of them. So humorous, this fellow haha. Instead, I’m reminded of the Andy Lau-Zhang Ziyi-Takeshi Kaneshiro movie 《十面埋伏》haha where the 3 of them had several scenes in the bamboo forest. I think if a fly accidentally flies into Gilian or Cecilia’s bush, it may be lost for days and eventually die of starvation in there.

Well, the Chinese New Year is no time for disturbing thoughts like that *shakes it off*. It’s half day for me today and it’s already 5 minutes past 1pm. Time to prepare to go! Before I leave, 大家, 新年快乐! 恭喜发财! 万事如意! 心想事成! And everyone’s favourite, 财源滚滚来!!!!!!! Hope that you all can collect a lot of angbaos tomorrow!