KTV with the 姐妹s at the 10 Dollar KTV at Smith Street last night:

Haha I’m hooked on using Slide.com to put photos on the blog. It’s convenient to use – I can put many photos on my blog without having to upload them one by one, and the resulting slideshow is rather pretty to look at too. 🙂

Anyway doesn’t our KTV room look big? The photos made it look like we went someone’s place to 拜年 haha. And once we realised that we could open the windows, it was cam-whoring time at the windows! As it’s actually a shophouse, there’s such a cheenah feeling to the photos – very apt for the coming Chinese New Year! And the windows look out to the Chinatown Food Street where hawkers are selling all the local favourites like char kway teow, carrot cake, bbq seafood, satay, poh piah and many many more *yum yum*.

We’d to resist shouting down to the hawker uncle, “Uncle, or lua (oyster omelette) 一盘!!!!” cause Mrs Tan was craving for one!