February 2008

It’s the 29th of February today!!! This day only happens every four years during a leap year, so a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all those having their birthdays on this special day!

I’m jealous because you are all so damn young. A normal 24-year-old person is only 6 years old if his/her birthday falls on today! But he/she must also be feeling upset because they only celebrate their birthdays and get birthday presents every 4 freaking years! Their friends and relatives must be very happy though haha because they can save money. The boyfriends of such birthday girls must be thinking that they are super lucky because 1) it’s hard to forget her birthday when it’s on such a unique day; 2) even if they do forget, it’s ok because 3 out of 4 years won’t have 29th Feb anyway! So it’s once in 4 years that they forget about it and kana scolded by their girlfriends; 3) Buying presents for girls can be a pain in the ass for guys, so hey, only have to buy a present once every 4 years too! Plus there’s the money-saving factor too haha.

a leap year hehe

Well, work has been really boring for the whole of this week, so I brought my Casio Ixus 860IS to work today.

My usual day at work always, always begins with a satisfying breakfast!

Now, everyone should eat breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. I know that a lot of people have no habit of eating breakfast, too lazy to do so or claim to have no appetite for breakfast. I even have a colleague who wanted to skip breakfast because she wants to lose weight. I was like, did you know that studies have shown that people who eat breakfast turn out to weigh less. It’s true! So if you want to lose weight, you should cut down your calorie intake for lunch or dinner, not breakfast. *tsk tsk

This is my work station. Messy? Well, can’t help it when it’s the middle of the day. Besides, I’ve loads of documents and so limited space. I’ve so many documents that I keep them in boxes and stuff the boxes right under my table!

Don’t be surprised because everyone else has boxes under their tables too. Storage space is quite limited here, especially when we’ve several people squeezed into a small cubicle!

My colleague’s incredibly packed space under her work desk

Luckily for me, my legs are short so I still have ample space for my legs and I stretch my legs over a box when I feel like haha. The other time, I’d a male colleague sharing my table for a short period of time and the boxes drove him made because he’s like 180cm tall and there’s absolutely no space for his legs! Even so, he had to bear with it as there’s simply no space to shift the boxes to haha.

This pair of cute pumps is a great buy, so I simply bought it to leave at the office so that I can change into these flat pumps when I’m here at work. I wear heels to work but I can’t possibly wear them all the time as my feet will feel sore even if I don’t walk around much. I usually take off my heels once I sit down but it becomes a hassle to put them on when I only need to go to the ladies or photocopying machine, because my heels usually come with buckles and hooks. Besides all this heel-wearing is making my legs too stiff for yoga, and is generally very bad for health anyway, so after more than a year at this job, I finally bought a pair of flats.

See, it’s really flat:

As compared to my usual pair of heels:

Oh, this is a very pretty calender from Olympus which a kind colleague gave me. It has gorgeous photographs of wildlife in the Kaziranga National Park!

On the page for March

For the month of April  

Haha I also have this vintage-looking poster on my cubicle wall that says something like “Health – The value of health surpasses that of reputation and wealth.” which is not only very true, but very apt for my job too. My boss saw it once and he loved it too. So funny.

I also have cutesy stuff on my workstation:

This was a present from Diz years ago. It’s so cute just dangling there now, but sadly, it’s also slowly gathering dust haha!

This was a parting gift from some attachment students. They were so sweet. 🙂 I didn’t bother to take it home and I thought it would be a good company for me here haha.

This is my new mug for the brand new year, in good old country style haha!

Last but not least, my brand new organiser for 2008, a lovely white-leathered one bought from Kinokuniya! It cost me quite a bit but it’s really beautiful with all the gold metal parts. I even found a matching pen at home, which was an old Teachers’ Day present from Ah-boy haha!

Doesn’t my usual work day seem totally uninteresting? But whatever! Today’s Friday! TGIF!!!~ Plus I’m going off soon, so hurrays!! 


Nope, it’s not Manhunt International, the international male beauty pageant, for goodness sake! At a time of crisis like now, how can you be thinking about tall handsome men with hot bods and brilliant smiles??!! Oh, sorry, wait a minute. *wipes saliva*

*sigh* I never thought that something major like this would ever happen on our small island. On a scale of one to ten for earth-shaking news, this gotta be a grand TEN. Wow wow wow, there’s always a first. Although this ain’t something to be proud of haha. If it’s a prison break, that would have been totally unexpected and easily made headlines in Singapore. Now even though this isn’t an escape from a prison, it’s nevertheless an escape from our Internal Security Department’s Detention Centre (Whitley Road) where I won’t believe the security is any less tight. So how on earth can anyone run away from there so easily?   

A scene we thought we would never get to see

To make it even more ironic, it’s not any ordinary criminal who has escaped. This is Mas Selamat Kastari, Singapore’s most wanted fugitive and the leader of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terror group here, whom we are talking about! A highly dangerous criminal whom we took great pain to capture after he fled Singapore in December 2001 following an Internal Security Department operation against the JI network here. He was arrested in Bintan by the Indonesian authorities in 2003 and deported to Singapore two years ago. Shouldn’t this kind of criminal be at least handcuffed or tagged electronically and under the constant vigilance of the guards??

Ok, we know that he found the chance to run away as he requested to go to the toilet. Now, now, now, doesn’t this sound like a oh-so-cliched scene from TV whenever a suspect tried to escape from the police? We always joke about how the bad people on TV always manage to escape from the toilet, but now it’s official: You can run away from the toilet even if you’re under close watch! 做戏果然是真的!  

Maybe our policemen have no time to watch TV so they won’t know that detained criminals will always try to escape either while at the toilet or in the hospital or on the road (when they’ve outside help who will bomb the police cars in front and behind the car carrying the criminal, and then shoot all the policemen before taking away the criminal who’s usually their 老大).

Now here comes the most ironic part: Mas Selamat has a limp! How on the freaking earth did we manage to let a 47-year-old uncle with a limp run away under all those eyes??!!! Unbelievable!!

Well, I think it’s not the time to blame anyone right now. It’s more important to find the fellow first. After Mas Selamat gave his guards the slip at 4:05pm on 27th Feb (Wednesday), it has been more than 43 hours and there’s no news as yet. I actually thought we could find him in 24 hours but looks like I underestimated the head of the Singapore JI terrorist network. (-.-) I understand that we are keeping a very close watch at the Malaysian checkpoints (my mum’s Malaysian colleagues all complained of the huge jam at the checkpoints that resulted) as well as the Indonesian borders, so hopefully we can either force him to stay on our island which is so bloody small, meaning that he would be caught sooner than later. Either that or we could catch him as he tries to cross the border, which is actually a wiser thing for him to do cause as long as he escapes to Malaysia or Indonesia, our chances of capturing him are greatly diminished.

A typical jam at the checkpoints

43 hours is a long time. For all we know, he could be already sitting on a beach chair and sipping ice tea on a beach at Malaysia, enjoying his new-found freedom.

I know that the police has been searching the nearby woods for Mas Selamat but I think he took a cab once he managed to get out from the detention centre. At that time, the taxi uncle wouldn’t even recognise that Selamat’s a wanted fugitive and probably happily drove away with him. My sis said that he got no money so it’s not possible for him to get away with a cab. I was like, dear, when you are a terrorist, you think you have to have money first in order to take a cab? You can just board first and then get away later without paying using some lie. In fact, a lot of people do this to the poor taxi uncle and they aren’t even terrorists. (-.-) 

I think Home Affairs Minister, Mr Wong Kan Seng (whom I really like) is lucky that he’s a political figure in Singapore and not elsewhere, because a careless mistake like this, even though never his fault, would have made him lose his seat in the Parliament if he’s in other countries. With great power comes great responsibilities, right? Hence even though he didn’t cause the national panic, he would have to take responsibility. Especially when no detailed explanation was given except for a “security lapse”. In other countries, the people would have gone onto the streets on a riot and forced him to step down.

Well, personally, are you kidding me? It’s probably just an honest carelessness and lack of vigilance at the wrong time. No need to sack anyone, maybe except for the guards who let the fellow escape. I think our people are sensible enough to understand that too. Perhaps we have been too complacent with our security system. After all we managed to catch all these JI members before they could even strike at that time. This is indeed a good lesson to be learnt for us. Terrorism is never too far away from us. It’s not just a matter of concern for the US, UK, Indonesia or Middle East. Whether we like it or not, terrorists are just at our door steps, if not already on our island.

So have you seen this man?

My sis said we’ve to call the police if we spot any Malay man with a limp because he would have disguised himself right? Maybe wear a cap/shave his face clean/wear glasses, but no matter how he changes his looks, his limp will still be there. My family is upset that while the news repeatedly mentioned that Mas Selamat has a limp, how come never say which leg? Left or right?? For example, if it’s the left leg, that would have put every Malay uncle with a right limp at rest. No one is going to scrutinize at him when he goes out onto the streets.

Eh, you do know that I’m kidding when I said to call the police if we spot any Malay man with a limp? Please don’t. The police will arrest me first cause they get so many unhelpful calls wasting their time. (-.-) Just remember Mas Selamat’s face. Etch his face in your memory. There’s a very low chance that you will suay suay bump into him, so don’t worry. I hope that I won’t be the one to spot him because I would never know for sure if it’s really him or simply someone who looks like him, and would hesitate to inform the police. 😛  

Diz is worried that she would bump into him and he would have a chopper which he would use to threaten her to let him into her home. Diz’s probably been watching too much TV as well, but hey, remember the new lesson which we’ve learnt from this incident: 做戏果然是真的!Anyway according to the news, sSome believe that Mas Selamat has four options: hide and wait until there is a lull in the manhunt; make a dash for it and try to escape to a neightbouring country; or if he feels cornered, he might resort to taking a hostage or even a reckless act of terror. So Diz’s worries are not unneccesary haha.

For my family who have total faith in our gahmen and are proud of our tight security system, while we are excited by the big hoo-ha and a bit worried at Mas Selamat’s escape and being out at large (not very worried because we trust that the police will catch him soon), we are quite puzzled at how something laughable like this can happen to us. We also watch a lot of TV so we think that there must be a secret plan by the police who couldn’t (no way!!) have let him escape.

The police believes that Mas Selamat still has allies, other members of the JI terrorist network, here in Singapore that have been lucky enough not to get caught yet. They tagged him electronically – the best way is to drug him unconscious and then insert a microchip under his skin at the back of his neck where he won’t notice (hmm sounds like HEROES). Then they “accidentally” had a “security lapse”, giving the fellow a chance to run away. But all this time, they can actually keep track of his movements via the satellite! Next, they released news all over the world that Mas Selamat has escaped so that JI members would contact Selamat. When the JI cell meets up to discuss their plans to re-attempt to bomb our Changi Airport/army bases/Istana/whatever, the police, complete with the STAR team, armed forces (aiyah I think we will moblise everyone!) will swat the entire local terrorist group out at one go!!! We call that 一网打尽 in Chinese haha.   

Hmm, you think I watch too much TV? Where got? Doesn’t my secret plan sound better and more flattering for our local police too?



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I bought my mum a pretty nice gift last Friday. The occasion? Nope, Mothers’ Day isn’t around the corner. Neither is it her birthday which is in December. There’s actually no occasion, but there’s a reason, a really simple one. I bought her a new watch because her Swatch one is really old as she wears it every day. This means that she doesn’t have a nicer one to wear on special occasions like wedding dinners, family gatherings or going to the town. It also happens that GUESS has a new gorgeous series with lots of flower details, which I thought she would like.

Indeed, I showed her the picture and she commented that it’s very pretty. Then she asked me “slyly” if I was going to buy it for her. Actually I did have the intention, otherwise I wouldn’t have 自讨没趣 and asked her haha. I told her, yes, why not, after all yours is already very worn out. My mum’s really endearing in the sense that she will never ask us to buy anything for her, but whenever one of us volunteer to pay for it, she will be too happy to refuse haha, regardless of the price. 她真的很厉害 because all the more we will pay for her haha. To date, I’ve paid for a fair share of clothes, all her new shoes, the washing machine (and my mum’s probably the one who spoilt the old one which was really expensive haha), her Jeff Chang concert ticket (just so there’s someone to accompany my sis, a huge Jeff Chang fan, to watch the concert) etc. My mum’s not greedy though. I keep wanting to buy her a bag but she says it’s unnecessary as she already has one which is a birthday gift from us. Just one bag is enough for my mum. However, the same doesn’t apply to me haha – one bag in each colour is more like it.

Honestly, there’s no reason why not to spend money on our parents when they’ve spent so much money on us all those years before we start working. And why only pick special days to give a gift? We should show that we love and care for them at every opportunity.

Anyway this is the GUESS watch I bought for Mummy. She was genuinely surprised when I brought it home just a couple of days after mentioning it. Perhaps she didn’t think I would really buy it? But I don’t make empty promises haha.  

We wonder if it was meant for Valentine’s Day because it came in a lovely silver heart-shaped box. The sales girl took great pain to put it all together nicely and I was thinking, it’s ok, it’s just for my mum and we are going to pull everything apart once I reach ome anyway haha. The same day I went to Takashimaya to buy a scarf (oh ya, must take photos and post haha), the poor sales girl was attending to this 老板娘 who to be fair wasn’t demanding. She bought 2 scarves as presents for 2 foreign VIPs and requested to have the gifts put in boxes. After the sales girl had taken great efforts to do so, the 老板娘 decided that the gifts weren’t presentable enough and requested for them to be wrapped up, so the poor girl had to busy herself crazy trying to wrap the boxes up swiftly. All that while, poor me was looking through the stuff myself without any assistance offered, but I understood so I waited patiently until she was available. After I decided on my purchase, she asked if I would like to wrap it up and I looked at the poor girl, laughed and said, “Just anyhow wrap it up for me.” Of course she still put the scarf neatly into a nice paper envelope. Good service, I must say. 🙂

The watch is silver with flowers along the chain. The flower petals are made of crystals! Feminine and elegant. 🙂 The same design also comes in gold and pink. Girls who love pink and hmm, flowers, will doubtlessly love the pink one.

Sitting very prettily on my mum’s hand

I think my mum’s very happy about her present. She should, since the watch cost me S$248 (-.-). But knowing my mum’s character, it’s definitely a worthy purchase. She would probably use it until all the crystals drop off haha, and still refuse to get a new one!

And there were surprises accompanying the watch!

I got a heart-shaped keychain and a heart-shaped pouch, both in silver (matching the box haha)! So happy! 🙂 Even though I’ve no current use for them, just possessing and looking at them make me happy.  

If you haven’t really heard, well, please thank me for kindly providing you the link. This is the article written by Dawn Yang on her take on this topic: Bad Boy Edison Chen succumbs to public pressure and says he’s quitting the HK scene. What is your take on the whole sordid affair? It was posted on her star blog on the STOMP website.  


So why is there such a big hoo-ha over this seemingly normal blog entry? After all, loads of people all over the globe are blogging about the Edison Chen sex scandal that broke out early this year, but none made it to the newspapers. Well, I guess we all have SPH to thank, in particular LianHe WanBao. Not sure if the article was on other newspapers, but I only read it on WanBao. It would be terribly hard to miss it given that it was the headlines probably a few days ago, big bold and striking on the cover page. Even when I saw it, I was like asking my mum repeatedly, “真的吗?”

How the hell could a blog entry on STOMP make its way to the headlines?

The section of the blog which drew attention was hardly 10% of the entire blog entry, but hey, when it’s juicy, we can’t miss it.

*** says: how bout u come to town on the 29th

*** says: 19th i mean

xxx says: as in hk?

*** says: yeah we maybe get a nice suite

*** says: and get freeky all night and day

*** says: heheh how bout it will u do it wid me babee

Yeay, you would have guessed. *** is Edison Chen and xxx is Dawn Yang.

whom I think is a hot babe even though I’m straight (like really really straight)

So the male lead in all the sex scandal photos (and unreleased videos) had once made an indecent proposal to our local blogger celebrity way back in 2004. Ok, maybe not once but I won’t know, will I? Anyway she merely brought it up since the topic was apt. A lot of readers are accusing her of seeking attention. I’m on her side as I think if she really wanted so, she could have brought this up when it happened then and bragged about it. After all, Edison Chen was already a very hot star back then. And she was younger then, so there was a higher chance of being more immature. If it’s another local blogger celebrity, even though I’m reluctant to call her a “celebrity”, *cough* xiaxue *cough*, c’mon you know she would have boasted about it day and night from 2004 till 2008.

While I do read LianHe WanBao, lately I find it very distasteful that the paper keeps making headlines out of bloggers’ blog posts, regardless whether the news is worthy of being published and distributed. Take for example, Xiaxue. While I’m not a fan, I must admit that the journalists keep making molehills out of her blog entries and she doesn’t deserve it. The most recent one is the one where she joked about having gone through a sex change, which I’d glanced at and found it such an uninteresting entry that I didn’t want to waste my time reading it. I mean, seriously, journalists are university graduates who are capable of differentiating a joke from reality, right?? I won’t believe that they honestly thought  that she had such a operation. My only explanation is that they probably loathe her and want to make thing difficult for her while at the same time, able to hand in their assignments on time haha.  

I know that journalists here in Singapore are very 可怜 because Singapore is so safe and peaceful that they’ve nothing exciting to write about. And while there is definitely dirt within the local entertainment circle, there’s such strict protection over the local celebrities that the journalists can’t write about those as well. For example, I’ve my fair share of gossip over the male celebrities rumoured to be homosexual (which in my opinon is not wrong), which would make juicy news in, say, even Hollywood. But locally, perhaps also due to the law, such news would never make it to the newspapers.  

I actually have a friend who’s a journalist at LianHe Wanbao and she has personally warned me about writing explosive or controversial stuff on my blog because the journalists are constantly looking for interesting bits that they can submit as their next assignments. Which is exactly why I never write about my work or the office politics here haha. Especially when the people involved are high up on their corporate ladder and well-known in their field.

So even though the HOD is a real bitch and I would slam dunk her head into the basket like how Jay Chou slam dunked in the movie “Kungfu Dunk” (minus slamming my own face into the board), leaving her dangling in mid-air and hanging onto her worthless life on the rim while pleading pathetically for help, I still won’t say what her name is.

Ahhhhhh….watching a damn hilarious TV series by the ever adorable Kenichi Matsuyama!!!!!~

It’s his most recent TV series although it was aired on Japan NTV in 2007: Sexy Voice and Robo!!!!~ 

I know, what kind of name is that, right?? But it’s a damn great show!!! Here’s its official site though I can’t understand a single word because everything’s in Japanese! *urgh*

It’s actually adapted from a very popular manga of the same name, which won an Excellence Prize at the 2001 Japan Media Arts Festival and has received critical acclaim around the world. The story in the TV show is slightly different from that of the manga. It tells of a mature middle school female student, Hayashi Niko, who has a heightened hearing that can differentiate all the sounds around her to pick out the location of a particular person, and the ability to mimic the voice of anyone she encounters. Super talented girl, she is. Kenichi Matsuyama, on the other hand, plays the character Sudo Ichiro who is an immature Otaku (宅男) who is obsessed with toy robots. By chance, they meet a great spy and become her students, forming Sexy Voice (Niko) and Robo (Ichiro), a spy team that solves various cases.

Kenichi is superb in the show, I can tell you! Absolutely different from his role as L in the Death Note! This guy’s super talented! There’s no hint of L when he’s playing Robo. When he’s L, he’s totally convincing as the super intelligent and calm young detective with loads of queer habits; and when he’s Robo, he’s just this weird otaku who loves his robots to death and is trapped in his own world! 

I’ve only watched the first episode so far (there’s a total of 11) and his character honestly cracked me up! Ah, I mean just look at his clothes. Super otaku lah! And then his love for robots is simply crazy! He has a huuuuggggeeee store of robots at his place and he knows exactly what each robot is, the theme song and the lines to say! It’s completely nuts!!! And other than robots, the thing he loves most is…women!!! Except that he’s really bad at getting any, and you don’t need to have an IQ over 100 to know why haha!

Perhaps a dream for some guys out there as well….
“Wow…” is honestly an understatement. (-.-)
Needless to say…

Ta boleh tahan lah! Soooo cute!

Anyway this is the first part of the first episode on YouTube. Enjoy it! The resolution is quite good, I must say, so it’s a joy to watch. Plus there’s English subtitles!! Thank God!!!~

Bahhhhh! So kawaiiiiiii!!!~

Last Saturday, my 姐妹s and I got together for dinner to have an early birthday celebration for Ser and SQ. The last time we tried to have dinner at Pasta de Waraku, we didn’t go in the end as it was fully booked. This time round, we didn’t manage to reserve a table again, even though I called the restaurant on Thursday (-.-). However, as we had time on our hands to spare before we headed to MoS, we decided to walk in.

Darn, we did have to wait for an hour before we finally had a table for 5! All the time while we were outside, we were joking like siao char bors about how the manager could let 5 美女s stand and wait outside for sooo long haha! *sigh* We are such deluded siao char bors. But honestly, I think the delicious food is definitely worth the wait! Even though it would be much wiser to make a reservation many days before haha.

The Pasta de Waraku we went to is the branch at The Central (#02-82/83) and it’s a pretty small outlet, but you can find branches at Marina Square (#03-257) and Novena SQUARE 2 (#01-07). I heard from my sis who does part-time at another restaurant at Novena that the SQUARE 2 branch is quite empty. Anyway the most fascinating thing about Pasta de Waraku is its extensive menu!!!~ If you don’t believe me, take a look here!

Honestly, I’m not a pasta person. In fact, I don’t eat any kind of pasta at all, let it be the common spaghetti, fusilli or linguine. I do eat macaroni with chicken broth once in a blue moon when there’s nothing much to eat, but to be truthful, I don’t enjoy macaroni either. The only pasta I actually like is lasagne! Especially beef!!! *yum yum* But there’s so many other choices at Pasta de Waraku that I don’t have to worry about not having anything to order! For example, there’s a variety of baked rice to choose from, though in the end I picked a fried rice with bacon (curry flavoured). It was absolutely tasty!!!

The serving might be a tad too small for guys but as my appetite is quite small, the fried rice was just enough to make me feel satisfied without being overfull! Plus the rice has a curry flavour to it and I love curry and anything spicy, so it was really stimulating for my tongue! Initially I thought it might be a bit boring to just have bacon because I like my fried rice with chicken, prawns, vegetables, egg haha. But I still enjoyed the dish immensely especially with the tiny carrot bits in the rice that were very crunchy and gave a different feel to the fried rice. I would give it a 9.5 out of 10, minus 0.5 perhaps for the serving size.

Let’s look at what the other girls had!

This is Diz’s Spicy Prawn Carbonara. The prawns were super Q and succulent! *thiong thiong*

This is Cyn’s Bacon and Vegetable Soup Pasta (Tomato sauce). I tried the soup and it wasn’t too thick or thin, so it was quite good even though I don’t like tomato. Haha I know, I know, I’m fussy!! Lately I keep having my colleagues nag at me for being a fussy eater after knowing that I don’t eat this and that haha. Anyway, the dish is served in a ridiculously huge bowl that’s shaped like a hat haha! So hilarious!

This is Ser’s Scallop and Chicken Baked Rice. Again, it’s a really small serving, in a really small plate that will make you drop your jaw in surprise. But I think it was really yummy as Ser didn’t talk much once her dish arrived and was fully concentrated on eating haha.

This is SQ’s Chicken and Mushroom Pasta, which she really didn’t like because she ordered the wrong dish haha! But she finished it nevertheless so it couldn’t be too bad haha.

And after dinner, which we gobbled everything up really swiftly because we were all soooo damn hungry after the hour of waiting, we still had time on our hands so we ordered dessert as we felt bad occupying the table without ordering anything else. Introducing to everyone, the Orea Banana Parfat:

Well, what can I say? I love Cookies and Cream ice cream and I love banana too!!!~ And there was crunchy cornflakes at the bottom of the cup! Whoever thought of the idea of mixing ice cream and cornflakes together is a genius! Of course the dessert was yummylicious! Just look at all those spoons waiting to attack the dessert after I finished the snapshot!

The next time I buy a tub of ice cream home, I must remember to buy cornflakes too!

In conclusion, we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Pasta de Waraku and I can’t wait to visit the restaurant again! 🙂

After dinner, we headed over to MoS where YY still had 2 unfinished bottles of liquor. The waiter was kind enough to find us a table and we were so glad to rest our tired feet and enjoy our drinks before fellow clubbers started filling up the dance floor and we joined them to boogie! Didn’t bring my camera in as I didn’t know where to put my camera (hmm stuff into my jeans pocket??), so there’s no photos to share with you all. I think we all had a bit too much to drink, so even though it was Trance at the Main Arena, we all managed to get really high. But to be fair, I think the guest DJ was spinning some cool stuff even though it was Trance. And a staff was tossing free light sticks from a stage. It was so funny cause our table was right beside the stage and the staff looked like she was feeding fish to the penguins haha! Everyone was like waving their hands, clapping and doing everything else to catch her attention so that she would throw them a light stick.

After we finished our drinks, it was almost 1am. Gosh, time does pass super fast when one’s having a great time! Anyway we finally headed over to Smoove where, as usual, the place was crammed like hell. I think the MoS people are really kind of stupid. Why on Earth did they use such a small room for the hip-hop area? The Main Arena’s like more than 3 times bigger and it’s always quite empty because it’s usually playing Trance. Everyone else is usually at Smoove. I think if you are looking at 3 years ago, there was probably much more people who would dance to Trance, especially when we had all the ah-bengs back in those days. Not a lot of people were listening to hip-hop and R&B like me. Which would also explain why Phuture occupies such a small dance area at Zouk too. But this is 2008! Many many more people are now exposed to the hip-hop culture which wasn’t this big years ago, and they are all bouncing to hip-hop music now.

So if the MoS management isn’t blind, they should be able to see that more people are at Smoove than at Main Arena, or even 54 (where the retro music can hardly be compared to the good old Mambo nights at Zouk). Why not switch the music played at Smoove and Main Arena? In this way, the clubbers have much more space to dance to. In Smoove on Friday and Saturday nights, we are all packed like sardines. Siao leh, lidat how to dance. (-.-) I know on Thursday nights, Smoove moves into the Main Arena, but hey, that’s Thursday! Who the hell can go clubbing on Thursdays except for students?

Wah angry leh. But still, can’t wait to visit MoS on a Thursday night! Smoove at the Main Arena, that should be way cool

I’d the strangest a strange dream last night. Well, can’t say that it’s the strangest because I dreamt of a trip to the Afterworld once, where fellow passengers on the bus I was on were the deceased and people (both dead, that’s everyone else, and living, that would just be me) crossed the road by walking backwards. The day after that dream I could still remember vividly the face of one of the deceased and how sad I felt for him (probably died of a wrongful death). Now I can’t recall much. Did I say that I’ve a bad memory? Darn, I can’t remember. (-.-)

Anyway last night I dreamt that my sisters and I were at home where our whole block shook severely. I think the tremors were due to some earthquake happening at Indonesia, except that it really felt like an earthquake hit our tiny island. Geographically, of course that wouldn’t be possible in real life. In the dream, all the buildings were shaking left and right so vigourously and yet the buildings didn’t collapse, as if the buildings were made of rubber haha. We did what the sensible and well-trained citizens would do – we ran downstairs and gathered at an open space with everyone else.

Can’t recall if we took the lift or the stairs though because in the dream, one moment we were upstairs and the next moment, we were at the ground level. That’s how dreams are like, at least for mine, they’re quite fragmented. Anyway you are supposed to take the staircase when there’s an earthquake, not the lift. Not that an earthquake will hit Singapore anytime but just remember this haha.

I know why I dreamt of this. It’s because never in my life, in my 24 years on Planet Earth, have I ever felt the tremors of an earthquake. Honestly, there’s nothing to be sad about. Living in an earthquake-prone zone like the Indonesian archipelago on the Pacific Ring of Fire is highly unfortunate, but you know how in Singapore, parts of the island can feel the tremors whenever an earthquake hits our neighbour Indonesia? Firstly, I live in AMK and the tremors don’t reach our area. At least no one in our area has ever reported of that. Secondly, even if I’m in a particular area at a particular time when the tremors can be felt, I can’t feel it!!!

Seriously! I think sometime last September, a series of earthquakes struck Sumatra, Indonesia, the tremors were so bad in Singapore for the first time that it caused minor panic and many people evacuated their high-rise office buildings. The funny thing is that I was at work then and my 8-storey office building shook violently too. My colleagues and I were doing work on my computers then when my colleagues started complaining that the whole room was shaking. One of the girls and I somehow didn’t feel anything at all and joked how the rest must be too tired. (-.-) Only later did we realise that there were indeed tremors affecting our area!      

It’s incredible! I was just right there and I couldn’t sense any movement! (-.-) Needless to say, I was terribly disappointed that day.

A powerful earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale hit Sumatra yeaterday, followed by two strong aftershocks at the same area hours later, the first measuring 6.7 and the second 6.9. Luckily there was no threat of a widespread destructive tsunami from the aftershocks, nor any report of damage or casualty. Similarly, the tremors were reported to be felt in parts of Singapore. As usual, I wasn’t part of the group of Singaporeans who felt the tremors. That might explain my dream.

Anyway I woke up after the dream and saw on my alarm clock that it was 5:10am. This time was of no significance until I heard the news this morning. Apparently, the 6.9-magnitude aftershock struck Sumatra (about 580km from Singapore) at 5.02am local time and people on our island have experienced tremors! *gasp* Could I really have felt the tremors and hence my dream???

Hmm, wait a minute. The report said that “tremors were felt in Geylang, Marine Parade and St George’s Lane Tuesday morning”. Eh, how come no AMK??

It’s true then.

I will feel the tremors. Only in my dreams. (-.-)

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