*sigh* One of the young Nanyang Polytechnic guys who died in the car crash that took place at the notorious Devil’s Bend of the former Grand Prix track at Old Upper Thomson Road turned out to be my sis’ junior and friend in Mayflower Secondary School.

Singapore is really damn small. Everyone in the news always happens to be a friend’s relative or friend or friend’s friend. Will just happen to be related somehow. By the time my sis knew about his death, he was already cremated. Not sure if there was any funeral (there might be any considering his age), but my sis would be too distraught to go to his funeral anyway.

I remember him, you know. The cute and plump little boy who kept on smiling and fooling around. Well, that was at least 2 years ago as my mei-mei is already in university, but well, from what I’ve read from the papers, it didn’t seem that he had changed much.

*sigh* So young, so fine. What a pity.

I can’t imagine the guilt his friend, the driver, must be facing and will probably face for the rest of his life, but what’s done has been done and there’s no possibilty of reversal. It’s too late, and too cruel, to blame him for the deaths of his two close friends. It wasn’t intentional, even though almost downright stupid. I just hope that he can live with his mistake for the days to come.

And may this tragic accident be a strong reminder to all those out there. Every decision has a consequence. You have the right to choose, but also remember that it’s you who have to face the music in the end. Is it worth it ultimately?

Be safe, people.

Source: Straits Times