Haha went off earlier from work today. I didn’t slack lo. I finished what I’d on my hands and went off 2 hours earlier because 1) I didn’t go for my 1-hour lunch and 2) I ended yesterday’s work 1.5 hours later because my client could only come after work. By right, I should still have 0.5 hour of time-off haha.

Anyway I’d dinner with my sis and mum, before my sis went for her part-time job. My mum wanted to look at the temporary stalls selling Chinese New Year goodies set up at the square. Halfway through that, we walked past a fashion store which had some really pretty tops on display. Somehow I ended up going in to take a look, trying on 2 tops and buying one of them! And to think that I am trying to save in this brand new year! But come to think about it, I haven’t bought anything for myself in the past 3 weeks and strictly speaking, the last time I shopped was last year haha!   

Here’s my top. 🙂 It’s actually a shirt. Kinda preppy, kinda cowboy-ish (cue: 牛仔很忙), kinda boyish (I like…). Sometimes I suspect that I’m schizophrenic – sometimes I like girly outfits, sometimes smart casual, sometimes sexy, sometimes preppy, sometimes boyish. Sometimes I can’t decide if I want to go this style or that, and slip into this dilemma where I’ve 2 very different set of outfits on my hands and can’t make up my mind which one to wear for the outing, often resulting in  me being slightly late. 


Isn’t it cute? It’s checkered in pink, with the front top part in white-and-blue stripes! And wait till you see the totally adorable buttons!!!!

My mum’s so cute. She was like urging me to buy (even though without her encouragement, I would haha) it because she thought that it looks nice on me and that I can wear it for the coming Chinese New Year. I was like, what? I can’t wait till 7 Feb to wear this pretty shirt! I’m going to wear it like next week! Besides, I never buy new clothes for CNY haha.

Anyway this very nice shop is called Shoestar and is located at AMK Hub, #B1-46. It sells unique shirts that come only in a few pieces so that you won’t bump into some other girl wearing the same top as you! I already can’t wait to buy my 2nd top! 🙂