Woot! My annoying colleagues are away seeing clients, so it’s just me, myself and I in the office now! I can finally 明目张胆 and blog about Jay Chou’s World Tour 2008, 19th January, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium! Boy, that’s like almost a whole week away! But it’s always better late than never! 🙂

Well, it was no doubt an amazing night as any of the other concert-goers would have said too. Words can hardly describe how excited we were as we were approaching the stadium. When we were on bus 16 to the stadium, almost the entire bus was packed to the brim with fellow concert-goers and buzzing with excitement! Everyone was full of anticipation for the concert and talking non-stop about it – guessing which song he would do for the opening, boasting about having gone through all his songs (including his latest album 《我很忙》) and learnt them by heart, calling up friends to remind them to buy light sticks etc etc etc. It was simply crazy!

And when we reached the stadium, it was even crazier! It was like half of the nation coming down for the concert haha! People mountain people sea. I read on the newspapers that over 10,000 people were there. -.- You want to know how it was like in the stadium? Take a look at this:

This is the view of the crowd from where Cyn, Q and her bf R, and I were sitting, which was very near the stage! We only bought the 3rd most expensive tickets (but already cost us a whooping $140 each -.-) but it was such a great view! We could see everything on the stage clearly from our places! I took photos of Jay from my seat and you can see his eyes, nose and mouth on the photo, as Cyn described, which is really fantastic haha. We were damn lucky to have balloted those 4 good seats. Diz wasn’t as lucky because the other 4 seats balloted were 4-5 blocks away from ours, and she and her 3 friends sat there haha.

That’s why we looked so happy haha. 🙂

The green hand was given to each concert-goer and, as you can see, sponsored by StarHub. Who must be damn rich, because the last time we went to Jolin’s concert, all we were given were 2 long plastic balloons, which we had to waste our breath to blow them up. Those were sponsored by SingTel and nobody didn’t even want to take them home at the end of the concert. But this green hand is nice and cheery, and almost everyone took theirs home haha.  I didn’t use it to wave during the concert though because it was quite big and if you raised it, you blocked the view of those sitting behind you. Trust me, I would know. The guys sitting in front kept waving theirs and blocked several of my photos. -.-

Anyway after a long wait, the concert finally began and I tell you, the moment the lights of the stadium went off, everyone who was originally chatting, smsing, breaking their light sticks, taking photos and whatever just burst into screams (guys included). Yeah, don’t suspect when I say that the guys there were screaming. Whenever someone screamed his name (“周杰伦!!!!!”) or something like “周杰伦, 我爱你!”, it was always a guy. -.- That left Cyn and I scratching our heads at many points during the concert haha.

Anyway the concert started and Jay was raised onto the stage and above it on a platform, with his two guitarists or bassists or whatever. The crowd screamed. Oh yes, they did, but between screaming, you could hear many people commenting on his hair and physique haha, like “Wah, 他头发很难看!” and “他好像肥了!”. It was so funny.

I don’t want to go into details about his concert though. Because half of the time I didn’t know what songs he was singing haha. Just like Mr Brown, I’m an old school Jay fan haha. I know (almost) every song up till his 3rd album. I’m totally hopeless from there onwards haha. Nevertheless I enjoyed myself immensely. The stage was quite nicely put up, his (and his dancers’) costumes were fanciful enough, there was a lot of those mini fireworks-like displays, his crew was cool and his dancers (especially 4 of them) were hot. Jay not only sang marvellously, his rap was on the beat (even though we’d no idea what he was rapping..and ok, he sang the wrong phrases a few times) and man, he even danced haha! The concert was a brilliant showcase of his talents. The man played the piano (as usual), and even the gu zheng (古筝) at the encore!

Here are a few of the clearer photos. I’ll put the rest in a slideshow and post them later…


The cool thing about this man is that he’s filial. His parents were there and he thanked them. His grandma was there too, and he even had her brought up onto the stage and danced for a while!

Well, I’m glad that he did quite a few of his older hits like “黑色幽默”, “安静”, “开不了口” because only then I could sing along haha. And very wise of him to perform “霍元甲”, “双节棍” to end his concert haha! These two are among my favourites of his!! Needless to say, I got very high at the end of the concert when he did his encore haha. But you know which part of the concert when I got the highest?

Didn’t I tell you about his 4 dancers??


Oh, they were soooo hot. *faint*

They marched out onto the stage dressed in what seemed like traditional Scottish costumes. (Cue: girls scream) Guys in uniform look so cute. Even when they are wearing skirts haha. Then for a moment, they just stood there smartly and did some salutation thingy. The camera man did a close-up of them one by one. Wah, all so handsome loh.  And they looked so serious somemore. 认真的男人最帅! (Cue: girls scream)

Then the first one on the left stepped forward and did a brief solo dance performance which he ended up by a spin before stepping back into the line. Wah, up his skirt went (he was wearing boxers la haha).  (Cue: girls scream) That was when I knew this was going to be hot haha. Then the second one stepped forward and he was even better. He ended his with a back flip haha. A back flip itself would have earned admiration from many girls under normal circumstances. A back flip wearing a skirt? (Cue: girls scream) If he wasn’t wearing boxers, the screaming would be even louder. Though of a different nature haha.

I couldn’t remember what the third fellow did. I think it was a spin too. I was probably giddy from the heat then haha. And busy fanning myself. But the 4th dancer really stole the show. He probably knew what the audience liked by then, and surprised us all by turning his back to us, flipping up his skirt at the back and sticking his cute butt out, revealing his checkered boxers haha. The crowd honestly went wild by then and if I hadn’t this little bit of self-restraint, I would have jumped off my seat, run down the stairs, pushed aside all the security staff, jumped onto the stage and lastly, jumped onto the guy(s).

After this brief but heart-thumping, breath-snatching performance, I couldn’t take my eyes off them throughout the rest of the concert haha. At many points, I totally forgot about Jay himself and would only remember to notice him when he pranced in front of the dancers, blocking my view. -.- And at the end of the concert which was finished with “双节棍”, the dancers started taking off their tops and I totally forgot about 少女该有的矜持 and screamed for the rest to 脱! 脱! 脱!!!!!!! -.-

I suspect that some of the audience with XY chromosomes were screaming that too, but I can’t confirm. Anyway the male dancers all took off their tops, showing their six packs and fabulously toned bods. Woot! At this point, Jay took off his jacket and looked like he was comtemplating to remove his black tank top too. I was relieved that he didn’t because there was no need to prove to people that he doesn’t work out regularly.

Anyway that’s all for the concert update. Now I’m still very high from the concert and still listening to his songs every day. We need to go ktv soon! I’ll learn new songs to sing, instead of the usual 10 songs that I always sing without fail! 来一首”牛仔很忙”吧!   


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