Ahhhhhhh…everyone’s going to kill me cause I haven’t upload the photos of the concert yet!!!!

Last night, there’s “传说中的七公主” at 7pm, “摆家乐” at 8pm, and “黄金路”‘s 大结局 at 9pm, “Heroes” at 10pm….gotta watch TV haha! By the time I was done with TV, it was 11pm and bedtime!!!!

So *gasp* haven’t upload the photos yet. Attempting to do so during the free breaks of the course today haha, so don’t kill me pleeeaaasee!

Just a sneak preview:

The really H-O-T dancers!!!!

My favourite is the one on the extreme left and I shall stop now because my keyboard is going to drown in my drool!

Think I’m going to watch “American Gangster” tonight before rushing home for CSI: Miami (10pm, Channel 5), so probably won’t have time to blog tonight. But I don’t think I’m that busy at work tomorrow so maybe tomorrow then! 🙂