Last Sat’s concert was a blast!

I’m away on a course today. Spending $700 from my training funds to attend this 2-day Advanced Excel Tools course at NUS Extension. Damn expensive, right? But not my money haha. Anyway this course should be very useful at work. And NUS Extension is nowhere near NUS haha. It’s actually on the 12th storey of Park Mall! The course has been so far so good. There’s only 6 people in the class and I can catch up with the instructor. 🙂 I’m amazed that the computers here have internet access! But of course I’ve been paying full attention in class and not surfing the net or chatting online haha.

Anyway more updates on the concert, hopefully, tonight! I know that my girlfriends are waiting for me to send them the photos I took! Be patient, girls! 好的东西是要等的!

And girls, I know you’ve heard it the whole of Saturday night, but Jay……’s dancers are H-O-T!!! *drool*