Have I mentioned that I’m going to Jay Chou’s World Tour 2008 (周杰伦2008世界巡回演唱会) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium tomorrow at 8pm?


No doubt that my poor ear drums are going to be extremely distressed tomorrow night.

I think that the 2-night concert is once again a total sold-out, and according to the Singapore Indoor Stadium website, the arena can hold up to 13,000 people, depending upon the stage configuration.

Just imagine 10,000 screaming girls.

I can go deaf just imagining their blood-curdling screams.

周杰伦 comes out on the stage….cue: SCREAM!

周杰伦 speaks…..cue: SCREAM!

周杰伦 smiles….cue: SCREAM!

周杰伦 plays the piano….SCREAM again!!!!

周杰伦 takes off his shirt….what are you waiting for…SCREAM!!!

I think the crazy fans will simply scream at anything. Even if he farts on stage, they’ll scream in delight.

I should know, because tomorrow I’m going to be surrounded by 3 girlfriends and 4 friends of friends, and undoubtedly the 淑女 whom they usually are in front of that many people are going to morph into screamish teenage girls haha. Completed with light sticks frantically waved side-to-side or front-back-front (you name it, they’ve it) to the rhythm of his hit singles.

Well, I’m going to have a light stick too. I’m going to wave it too. And when I get fed-up with any particular irritatingly loud fan in the crowd, I can throw the light stick and hit her in the back of her head, hoping that she will faint and the nightmarish screaming will cease.

And to prepare me for this concert, D had actually helpfully, enthusiastically transferred the mp3s of ALL his songs from ALL his albums into my thumbdrive, so that I can learn the songs before the concert and then I can sing along haha. I’m not complaining though because we only have his 2nd and 3rd albums, failing to buy the rest as I decided that his style has not changed at all (learn idiom: 一成不变) and his latter songs seem to sound pretty much alike.

Then again, I’m a big fan of his earlier hits in his 1st (黑色幽默!!) and 2nd album (双节棍!!!!!!!!), as well as songs like “以父之名”, “止战之殇”, “将军” etc. It should be a fantastic show even though I’m not a fanatic and I’m going to bring my Canon, even though cameras aren’t allowed (but I need to capture precious moments with my friends!!). Hopefully I’ll have good pictures to pose after tomorrow. 🙂

Stay tuned for post-concert posts! 😉